July 17, 2019
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Genre: Arcade
Min OS X: 10.6    CPU: Intel    Graphics: 128 MB VRAM

April 29, 2012 | Ted Bade

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Skewed Perspective
Pathfinder Is a lot like Moving 4Ward, except you need to make lines of four tiles and a tile falls after your move if you didn’t make a match. If you do make a match, you get another turn without a new tile falling. Special tiles can fall that clear a number of tiles around it. The game continues as long as there are moves to make.

Gravity Switch is a lot like Clearing clusters, except in this version, you control “gravity”, that is the direction that the free tiles “fall” to when they are free to move. For instance, you clear a set of tiles, leaving spaces to the left and the right. If the remaining tiles fall to the left to fill the empty squares, you see this will create a set of four green tiles, but if the tiles fall to the right, you create a set of eight red tiles, for more points. Once you change gravity, it stays that direction until you change it again. You continue until there are no more possible sets of two or more. If you remove all the tiles from the board, you can move onto a bonus board and start again.

3SwitcheD creates a game show environment by use of a voice MC that announces aspects of the game and comments on the moves you make as you play. Using fun comments and voice inflections, the game’s “voice” cheers you on or groans at your defeat. Even though you realize you are playing a game on your Mac, the voice over is a lot of fun. You can choose a male or female MC voice. There is even an audio track with background music that complements the game show feeling.

This game makes use of a video cam connected to the Mac to track your face and slightly shift the perspective of the board as you move. It is an interesting effect, but really doesn’t do a whole lot. I know a lot of people (myself included), that have a tendency to shift around in their chair as they dodge and move in a 3D game. The use of the camera to track the player’s position is a really cool idea, but serves only to shift the view of the board a bit in this game. If would be totally cool if one was able to use eye movement to control movement of tiles on the board! Perhaps that will be the future of gaming. For now, you just get to shift the board a bit.

3SwitcheD is a lot of fun. The games are unique enough and challenging enough to keep one busy for a while. I enjoyed playing this game a lot and found it almost addictive. If you are looking for a fun casual game of this genre, definitely take a look at 3SwitcheD.


• Fun, Fast, Addictive gameplay


• Announcements can get repetitive after several hours of play
• Camera feature isn't very interesting

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