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World Of Warcraft: Cataclysm
December 23, 2010 | Ted Bade

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General information:

What is unique about this expansion of the WoW world is that a good portion of it is available to people who donít purchase the upgrade. Obviously, the new face of the world has changed and everyone has had to deal with that. But people who were currently leveling in the lower level zones will find new and interesting quests along with a seriously changed topography. I have two toons that have achieved the ďExplorerĒ surname. It was a lot of fun to travel across the world after the shattering, but before the expansion was released, to visit the new areas and changes.

However, it isnít all good. Players leveling in Outland and Northrend will discover the portals in Shattrath and Dalaran cities are gone, making travel back to the old world a nuisance. The good news is the cost and level requirements for riding and flying mounts have been reduced, but the cost for artesian flying has gone up. The loss of portals seems to me to be a way for Blizzard to force higher level players to move along.

With the new races finding a profession is easier. Instead of trying to locate a specific profession trainer, there is now an NPC to visit that has the ability to train in all of the major professions (you still need to find a cook, fishing, and first aid trainer). When you visit a profession trainer you can learn about each major professions, divided into two types, collection and creation. A new secondary profession of archeology is also available.

I have noticed a number of quests that you turn in on the fly. That is to say a window pops up when you complete it, allowing you to turn in the quest and receive your reward. Many quests still require you to return to, or go to, an NPC to turn it in. These are usually part of a quest string or a quests whose purpose is basically to get you to go somewhere new.

Powerful named NPCs have always posed a real challenge for people doing important quest strings. The last step usually involves taking out one elite or another. Since the Cataclysm upgrade I have noticed some interesting things which might be bugs or something missed by Blizzard. Apparently, you donít need to be part of a party to participate in and get credit for the demise of these NPCs. So far I have encountered three cases where I assisted another player finishing such a boss, without forming a group, and we both got credit for the quest. It is almost as if since we are both Alliance, we are already in a group. This really makes sense. In other cases, where it is not only important to kill the boss but to pick up something he is guarding, helping and even being in the area is enough to make it so you can pick up the item before the Boss respawns.

There is something here for all types of players. People who enjoy Player vs player (PVP) as well as people interested in player vs the environment (PVE). Instances and battleground provide the opportunity to work with a team of other players to achieve a goal. A cool thing about WoW is that, even when questing alone, you often make a new friend by helping with quests. Cooperative play is a great way to make friends and to more easily accomplish quests.

Playing World of Warcraft is a lot of fun. I enjoy exploring, finding and doing quests, and participating in the various holiday events. The recent change to the world coupled with the expansion should keep me busy for many months, as will the new battlegrounds and instances. Itís fun to play alone or with other people either cooperatively or as opponents. This is a great game for anyone and the expansion is a must have for current players (especially the 3.3 million that bought it in the first day of the expansion).

World Of Warcraft: Cataclysm
Developer: Blizzard Entertainment


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