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World Of Warcraft: Cataclysm
December 23, 2010 | Ted Bade

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This underwater zone is spectacular. Hundreds of fish and other sea creatures swim all about. Imagine a perfect clear pristine tropical ocean. Tall kelp trees grow up toward the surface, crabs scuttle across the sandy bottom, many types of fish swim about, and a variety of beautifully colored sea plants abound. Many of the fish are neutral, but there are lots that are enemies. Most of the sea creatures are all spectacularly colored, adding to the beauty of the landscape.

For the most part, quests are standard fair, consisting of helping to take control of this new frontier by defeating the Naga, gathering equipment, and helping to establish new camps. There is one noteworthy quest series where you rescue various people then bring them to a cave which becomes a safe camp. Another quest series gives you a permanent buff that increases the speed you travel underwater in this zone. A real surprise came with a quest series that leads to capturing and owning an underwater swimming mount. The surprise was that you get the mount as a reward for the quest along with a payment of gold! This seahorse is a real beauty and moves at a very fast clip through the waters.

I enjoyed my time so far in this new area. The quests are fun and the scenery is just stunning. It is sad to see my high end (purple) gear slowly being replaced by even better lower level (green) gear. I am looking forward to the new level 85 battlegrounds and the new great gear I will be able to get there.

Long time players of WoW who enjoy exploring as much as questing might have noticed a large circular area in Northern Kalimdor (a bit south and west of Winterspring) that they were never able to get into. This area is called Mount Hyjal and is the other level 80+ starting area.

From the Alliance perspective, you respond to a call for help from the Druids in Moonglade. They provide a dragon mount so you can visit a new outpost. You arrive to find that the camp has been destroyed and that Deathwing has taken over the area. Your mount, after narrating all the horrible things it sees, drops you off at an outpost and you begin the quest sequences.

The zone of Mount Hyjal is forests and rocky hills. There are lots of giant trees, some fallen, that litter the topography. Be sure to visit a flight master to buy the licence to fly in the old world before arriving. It will be an aid in questing in these new lands.

While this area isnít as visually stunning as Vashj'ir, it is nice in an elven sort of way. The quests are fun for the most part and currently quick respawn times can be a hazard. There are a series of quests to recapture shrines. There are a number of phase shifts, when you complete an important task, which can be disconcerting, especially when the player next to you suddenly vanishes.

Questing here is also pretty standard. But some of them are different enough to keep interest. It is important to read what the quest is about and to read what the NPCs in the area are saying, especially when dealing with a boss.


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