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World Of Warcraft: Cataclysm
December 23, 2010 | Ted Bade

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After you befriend the Orcs and take control of this island, the Orc leaders invite you to visit Orgrimmar. So you take a ship the Orgrimmar’s harbor and begin quests just outside this city. While you can do quests in Durotar, the Orcish beginning areas, I recommend that you move out the back gate of Orgrimmar, which now leads into Ashara. Ashara has now become the home area of the Goblins and there are a lot of fun Goblin related quests there. While I imagine these quests are available to anyone, they go very well with the Goblin story line.

While this area is part of the “old world”, there are tons of new quests and scenery. There is a “Rocket way” transportation system. Think of it as a roller coaster public transportation, which sometimes misses the terminal. Apparently, players without the expansion can go into this area and enjoy some of the new stuff.

I found playing a Goblin to be a real hoot. It was hard to stop and move onto other areas for this review. I coupled the engineering profession with my Goblin, giving me more ways to blow things up. Speaking of which, the Goblin has two interesting abilities. They all carry a pack of exploding rockets as an attack (but with a bit of a cool down) and have the ability to do a rocket jump. This effect shoots jets out the feet, propelling the Goblin a goodly way forward. Great for escaping big monsters and extending a standard jump a lot.

New high level content:

New level 80+ map areas to quest in include Mount Hyjal (80-82), Vashj'ir (80-82), Deepholm (82-83), Uldum (83-84) and the Twilight Highlands (84-85). I have managed to put some time into a couple of these areas. My experience is from an Alliance prospective, but I am sure the Horde experience is similar. I have to admit I am not so dedicated a player as the person on my server, who reached level 85, about 19 hours after the midnight released of the game.

I began my level 80+ questing in the under water zone called Vashj'ir. From the Alliance perspective, you are asked to board a mercenary sailing ship to travel to where the Alliance and the Horde are battling in this new land area. As the ship you are on approaches the new lands, you find an over turned ship and slow down to rescue survivors, only to be attacked by a giant many tentacled sea monster and find your ship destroyed as well. Almost dead, you are rescued by the local good guys and brought into a camp set up in an over turned ship, where you can breath. You can then begin the quests.

Don’t forget to bring some water breathing ability or potion. While the reward for the first quest is the ability to breath underwater in this new zone, you need to complete the quest without this ability.

The main bad guys are the Naga, and they swarm the area, as do a number of other nasty creatures. It was a bit of a shock to find my well geared DeathKnight fighting for his life after many months of complacency! At the beginning, the zone seems to teem with baddies, with extremely short respawn times. I expect that this may change a bit after the surge of new players into these new zones. A useful tactic is to slowly drift away from where you start a battle, so that you don’t bump into a respawn if your battle takes a bit of time. But be careful that you don’t drift into another group of nasties!


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