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World Of Warcraft: Cataclysm
December 23, 2010 | Ted Bade

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Questing the Gilneas is fun but of a more dark and dreary nature. Even though the Worgen are part of the Alliance and you are fighting the Undead, it seems like you should be a member fo the Horde. This is an interesting effect of the Cataclysm expansion and is seen in reflection with the other new race, the Goblins, whose bright and cheery nature make them “feel” more Alliance then a Horde.

The large new area for the beginning Worgen is located just west of the Silverpine forest (northwestern Eastern Kingdoms). There are a lot of quests that explain the story of the Worgen and introduce you to their leaders and these new areas. Following a series of quests, you assist the forces of Gilneas in an attempt to recover their lands from the Undead invaders. But progress is slow and even with the help of the Night Elves, you are eventually forced to leave and travel to Teldrassil, the Night Elf home city, which will become the Worgen’s new home. As the Worgen leaves their homeland, they are promised that they will someday fight to regain their home. This might be a hint about a new battleground that should be released in the future called the “Battle for Gilneas.”

Besides the ability to change the view of your character from a Worgen wolf to the original human form, the Worgen has an an ability to run quickly for a short period. Even unarmed the Worgen can be pretty deadly with their claws and jaws. The shapechangers can be stylish as well - One quest gives a really cool stovepipe hat as an award, and boy those things look cool! (in both human and worgen form!)

Goblins have always been in the background of the WoW universe as the operators and creators of machinery. With the release of Cataclysm, you can now play one. I truly enjoyed the tongue-in-cheek attitude of the Goblin starting area and the quests. For a Goblin, life seems to be all about making money and blowing things up!

As a new Goblin you begin on the Isle of Kezan, performing a series of quests designed to teach you, a new and upcoming Goblin manager, the ways of leading the Goblins. There are parties to go to, banks to steal from, and lots of things to blow up! They even give you a car to drive around in and a group to help you along the way. Everything goes well until volcano on the Isle begins to erupt and everyone must flee to safety.

When fleeing, you are captured by Goblin slavers and stuck on a slave ship to be sold to who knows where. On the way, The Goblin ship is destroyed by an Alliance military fleet and you end up on a new island. Here you bump into a camp of Orcs and befriend them, and thus the Goblins become part of the Horde.

The Goblin towns are filled with machinery, things that belch smoke, make funny sounds, and whirl, spin or buzz. On the Isle of Kezan, there is a steel plank road that twists and turns around the island, much like a roller coaster. You can stay on the road, but it’s often more fun to go off and watch the Goblin citizenry fly out of your way and threaten you with lawsuits! Many of the Goblin quests involve bizarre machinery. For instance there is a quest to recover the “Town in a Box”. Once recovered, you push the big red button and Bam! instant town. In another you are asked to rescue Goblins captured by pirates. Even though you find keys to the cages, the quest requires that you attach rockets to the cages, which then fly up into the sky and supposedly crash back at the home site, allowing the Goblins to escape. The captured Goblins, of course, point out it would be a LOT safer for them if you just used the keys and let them run back to town.


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