April 7, 2020
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Publisher: MacPlay    Genre: Strategy & War
Min OS X: Any Version    CPU: 601 @ 233 MHz    RAM: 48 MB    Hard Disk: 314 MB    4x CD-ROM    Graphics: 800x600 @ 16-bit

January 5, 2001 | Tom Bridge

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The Basics or, how to survive your first ten minutes
Majesty is a Fantasy Kingdom Sim, so you're immersed in a world of knights and peasantry. In Majesty, the economic model is set up to revolve around Gold, which your citizens spend in the marketplaces and the blacksmiths and the wizard's guild and in turn your tax collecting lackeys return to the palace coffers. Your job is to put this money to good use by building structures and guilds and recruiting heroes to defend your castle. In the first quest "The Bell, The Book and the Candle" you go through the basics of creating guilds and recruiting heroes and conquering foes.

The plot of the game puts you in the role of the recent ascendant to the throne of Ardania, described as "a land both majestic and ancient...filled with a variety of peoples and its wilderness is ripe with strange creatures -- some curious, many deadly." So now that you've got some heroes, you've got to get into combat, which isn't as easy as it is with other real time strategy games.

In other games, you select a hero, click on an enemy, and bam, you've got a fight. With Majesty, you can't do much with your individual heroes, except inspire them. So you can place a bounty on a building, or on a character. As you increase the bounties, you drive your heroes to collect them. Simple, right? Not always. Some players respond to bounties better than others. Rogues for example will shoot anything for money, including your own characters and buildings, they are driven by money alone. Paladins, as their name suggests, are immune to bounties, unless they are incredibly high.

The Characters, or why did that funny guy just turn into a bear?
Majesty has no shortage of characters. Everything from Wizards to Peasants, Gnomes to Rogues, and all the things in between. Each has their own home, or guild, each has their own ability and skill. Wizards are not great melee combatants, but when it comes to distance weapons, their magic is perfect. The neat trick is balancing them all into a battle ready group that will defend your castle to the last.


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