September 18, 2018
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Genre: Puzzle & Trivia
Min OS X: 10.4    CPU: G4    RAM: 256 MB    Graphics: 800x600

Jeopardy! Super Deluxe
April 21, 2009 | Ted Bade

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Jeopardy! Super Deluxe is another computerized version of the popular TV game show. With this game on your Mac, you can not only play a simulated Jeopard game, but can also try out a series of questions alone. If you are into the Jeopardy style games, you will want to check out Jeopardy! Super Deluxe. Take the challenge and see how well you know what the question is.

While most people probably know how Jeopardy is played, here is a brief overview. You are read an answer to a question (also called a clue) and must reply with the question. The standard game on TV consists of three rounds: two question sets plus a final Jeopardy question, (which is usually a tough question). Each set consists of six categories containing five questions. As the reward for answering the question goes up, so does the relative difficulty of the question. The second round clues are worth more then the first round. If you answer a clue correctly, you gain the value of the question and can select the next one. If you get it wrong you loose the value of the question. Another player can answer and if they get it correct, they get to select the next clue. Three people play together.

This home version is styled after the TV version. It follows the show format pretty well, to a point. While this version tries to put the home player on a simulated game stage, it leaves out the important aspect of the game show host reading the clues. Instead in this version, you click on a block and the answer comes up with the four possible questions. You click to select which ever you think is correct. The game gives you some amount of time to read the question. After this a five second counter begins. Answer before the five seconds is over or you loose the question. If you are playing with others (AI or real people) the other players then get a chance to answer the question during this five second period.

There is a lot of material in this version. It contains 3,500 clues taken from the TV show. So if you like a challenge, there is a lot of room here. I expect one could play for quite a while before finding a repeat.

Jeopardy! Super Deluxe offers several ways to play. First you can play alone, running through a regular game, but with no opponents. While this might seem weird, I know a lot of people who watch the TV version Jeopardy, just to see if they can answer the questions (hopefully before the actual contestant). These people would probably enjoy playing the game like this. No stress, no competition, and a chance to see if you can recognize the correct question based on the clue given. This version scores like regular Jeopardy. Challenge yourself and see how you do with a complete set (including the standard three daily doubles and Final Jeopardy).

Another aspect of playing solo is the game’s “Daily Clue” feature. Jeopardy! Super Deluxe grabs daily questions from the game’s web site. When you click on the Daily Clue button, a calendar window opens (starting with the current month). Each day on the calendar has a category listed. The player can click on any day and choose to answer the single question for that day. You can also select previous months and answer any of those questions you missed since the game was released (questions start in the middle of February 2009). Once you answer a question, it is no longer available. A new question is available every day.

A further aspect of playing is to play against two other game AIs. You get to select how difficult (smart) they are. Doing this can be fun, but the AIs don’t tend to grab the buzzer like a human would. So the game goes like this, you select a question, you then have the opportunity to answer, if you get it wrong one of the AIs might try to answer the question. If they get it correct that AI gets the points and selects the next question. You still get first crack at the next question. AIs will go for the question depending upon how you set their intelligence levels. The more intelligent the AI the faster it will respond during the pause.


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