September 21, 2020
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Take your game to the next level with Inside Mac Games Pro, a subscriber service from Inside Mac Games. Check out the benefits of Inside Mac Games Pro...

Customizable Homepage
Want to see more news headlines on the homepage? Are you more interested in hardware or feature articles than game reviews? Adjust your own homepage and set it up the way you want. You can:

  • Change the order of the main sections and right-hand column sidebars
  • Enable/disable any of the main sections and right-hand column sidebars
  • Change the amount of items shown in each section and sidebar

Write your own stories, editorials and reviews with your own personalized Blog. What is a blog?. Features of your blog include:

  • Show users how to get ahold of you (if you wish)
  • Post an avatar
  • A friend list
  • Favorite games list
  • Write a review with a rating image
  • Jabber about anything
  • Fill out your system info
  • Other user comments and discussions
  • Join the beta program
  • Use of the Inside Mac Games Emailer*
* With the Inside Mac Games Emailer, you are able to receive emails from the public, without risking having your email posted on the web site where spammers can snag it for their evil uses.

Custom Watch List
Keep an eye on the products you're interested in with a customizable Watch List. A new section on the homepage lists our latest articles that are related to your Watch List items, and the full Watch List page shows you what's new for each of the items in your list. You can also choose to be notified by email when new articles related to your Watch List items are posted.

Find what you're looking for faster with QuickSearch. QuickSearch fields appear in each main section of the homepage, allowing you to quickly find an article in that section. Our full section listings also feature QuickSearch fields, so you can jump directly to what you're looking for without having to look through several pages of listings.

No Advertisements
Pages load faster and look better when you view the Inside Mac Games websites with no third-party advertisements. This also applies to the website!

Hot Downloads
When a new, popular game file (such as a demo or update) becomes available, avoid the traffic jams and get access to them right away from our private download server for Inside Mac Games Pro users.

Theme Selection
Choose the look of the Inside Mac Games website with a choice of themes. The following themes are available.

Cold Pulse 
The Matrix 

Inside Mac Games Forums Upgrade
When you link your Pro account to your forum account, you get added benefits of the Inside Mac Games forums. Some abilities include:

  • Uploadable avatar
  • Extra photo in member profile
  • Posting of polls
  • Less limits
  • Access to private Inside Mac Games Pro forum
  • Flagged username depicting higher status
  • Custom user title
  • Expanded use of internal PM system
  • Various other enhancements

Discounts On Hot Games
Save 5 percent on the hottest new Mac games with special subscriber-only discounts at!

Frequently Asked Questions about Inside Mac Games Pro...

How do I sign-up? I don't see a form for it!

Currently new subscriptions with IMG Pro have been put on hold. It will return shortly when a new subscription system is completed.

Is Inside Mac Games going to take away features and content from the free version of the site?

Absolutely not. We greatly value all of our loyal readers, and we don't think it's fair to cripple the free version of a website to force people to pay for the premium service. Inside Mac Games Pro is strictly a "value-added" service, which adds several new "Pro" features without taking anything away from the free version of the site.

Can I try it before I sign up?

Sorry, no. At one time this was allowed, however due to abuse and lack of interest, the free trial period has been discontinued. We feel this page adequately explains all that you get, so you do not really need to try it out before you buy.

How much does it cost?

Check for the latest pricing, as it has a habit of changing or offering special limited time offers.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Once you pay for a subscription, the account is activated and cannot be cancelled. There is no need to cancel your subscription since you have paid for the year (or years) already. Simply continue to use your subscription until it expires, or don't use it.

Can I get a pro-rated refund after I use the account?

No. All subscription orders are final.

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