June 25, 2019
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Episode I: The Waiting Menace

So, the competition is finally over. Yesterday I recieved Knights of the Old Republic, and the disc wasn't defect or scratched or anything that would have me wait for a replacement. Instead it installs just fine on my Mdd 867, but then it doesn't play very nice thanks to the Radeon 9000 and low CPU speed.... so it installs nice on the PowerBook as well (at work *erhm* ah well, we all have our flaws), and there it plays just fine... it's just too bad that I don't have the possibility to bring it home every day... I usually just have it at home over the weekends. So now I have a game I can't play and a G5 that is forcing me to play the waiting game.

At least the people at LAN-Master (crappy name for a company, but as long as they may fix my Mac, I'm happy) have been able to reproduce my Thermal Runaways on the second G5, so now they just need to solve it before I get it back... It might take a while though... at least that's what I was told on monday. Hopefully this sad saga is close to reaching an end... I hope it is... I'm running out of StarWars movies.

Apple has now officially apologized to me, and that makes it feel a lot better really. The guy wanted me to contact him once I got the G5 back from repairs, so it's nice to see that they even cares how that goes.

I hope there won't be many more posts on this now... I'm growing tired as hell on the whole situation. It's now one month since my first G5 shipped, and the original on or before date has been passed as well, but I still haven't been able to use the G5 for real.

Patience is indeed a virtue... but when it concerns a $3000 computer... I'm actually starting to run low on it now.

...if nothing else then because I want to play KotOR on it ;)

Posted on September 30, 2004 at 3:07 pm
Episode VI: Return of the G5

...and the returning of it as well.

I got the replacement G5 on friday and all looked well. Well, I did manage to get it to freeze a few times on friday, but only two could not be blamed at iPhoto that has some issues with my old photo library. But after a zero write format and reinstallation of the OS the machine ran liek a charm all saturday.

Once I woke the computer from sleep today, things weren't so good anymore though. I could hear one of the fans spinning up and stopping again every now and then. At first I didn't pay it that much heed. I thought I must have missed that yesterday. But after an hour or so all fans went to full speed and then the computer forced itself to sleep. The system console said it was a thermal runaway, and I didn't need any head to start sweating a bit by then. I've now had over 20 thermal runaways today... but I refuse to stop usiing the machine until TNT comes and pick it up... it's too nice as long as it works.

Maybe not the best thing to do since one of the CPUs almost reach 100C (212F) before going to rest... at least according to the thermal sensors. The odd thing is that I can get this with 5% CPU load if I have the energy saver set to maximum performance. Well, Apple has told they will take it in for service. I guess I will have to be without a working G5 a bit longer...

...I need to call them tomorrow again about my combodrive as well. It emits a high pitch noice at times when the disc in it isn't being used. It's close to giving me a headache, and the previous machine did not have that issue. I'm sure they can't deny me a new combodrive... not after all I've gone throgh... I'll see if I can get some more RAM while they're at it ;)

10 days to the date my machine would originally ship... maybe I will have a working machine by the time I should originally get it. It seems like KotOR will win the race after all... the G5 gets disqualified for double false starts.

Posted on September 19, 2004 at 4:13 pm
Airburst Extreme

AirBurst Extreme is the sequel to the much loved shareware game AirBurst. It's actually more a refinement than a sequel, much like SSX Tricky was to SSX. It's basically the same game over again, but it looks, plays and sounds better and has more content. But those expecting something completely new is in for a disappointment.

But we who loved the original game has been looking forward to ABE with its enhanced graphics, using OpenGL to draw the graphics and adding a freedom of resolution change. And the graphics are indeed sweet. Now this game is hardly about realistic look and feel, you play the game sitting on top of a balloon at 30,000 feet, trying to burst your opponent's balloons with the help of a spiked ball. And to fit this theme the game is ver colorful and cartoonish, but it is so in a very nice way. The new graphical effects and style is much nicer than the original, so it's a really nice step up.

As for gameplay, most things remain the same. There's a few new gametypes, but the biggest addition in gameplay is probably the "Extreme" powers. Once you've touched the ball enough times with your bat, you have the possibility to unleash your character's Extreme power. This is different from character to character, and can be either offensive or defensive (and then we have Maya, I don't know how to classify that power...). This adds a neat touch to the game, but unfortunately different extremes makes characters uneven in some gametypes. The power you build up for your Extreme can also be used to move your ballon, or to try to make it stop moving if you've gained too much momentum, so you're not completely helpless on top of your balloon as in the previous game.

The network part of the game is what I personally was looking forward to the most, and unfortunately it's also the part that disappointed me the most. The game is a blast online, don't get me wrong there... but it has it's problems. It took me several weeks to get onto GameSmith, Freeverse's online gaming service, and every now and then ABE still refuses to accept my login and password. I've talked with Strange Flavour about this problem, but they haven't identified the problem yet, and for me it seems extremely random. I haven't heard anybody else experience it, and for a while I thought it was caused by my Swedish keyboard layout... but then it started to work with that as well. If this had been the only problem things wouldn't have been to bad... but unfortunately playing over the internet causes some severe lag. Playing people with a ping at about 150ms is far from excellent, and because you can't see people's ping in the GameSmith browser, it's hard to tell beforehand. I still haven't played a lag free game online.... but I guess that's what I get from having most gaming friend on the other side of the pond. If Strange Flavour manage to address this in a future patch, the rating would go up to 9 or maybe even 10... because honestly, This game rocks! Even without multiplayer. It's the perfect game if you just want to play for a few minutes.

Posted on September 15, 2004 at 9:47 am
Episode V: Apple Strikes Back

Well, after only half a week I got the delivery message for my replacement G5. I'm rather impressed with how Apple handled the whole situation, from my first phone-call to this. I still fear that the new G5 will be DOA as well... that would be so typical me. But I think that the odds for this are so low that it would impossible even for me.

Hopefully I'll have the machine by friday, so the weekend is looking promising ;)

It looks like the G5 will win... unless Tuncer gets KotOR in the store in time to ship it in two days...

Posted on September 13, 2004 at 10:50 am
My own apartment...

Well, in the wake of being dumped, my ex now finally moved out of the apartment, so I got it all to myself. feels a bit odd to be living by myself for the first time in about 4 years, but it also feels good. Well, besides that fact that I now don't own a bathroom carpet and the only curtains I could find to replace the ones that disappeared from the living room ends over a foot from the floor. I guess I will have to go out shipping again.

Most of the place is still intact though, Leandra didn't own more furniture than her drawer in the bedroom and some small stuff. Well, half the bedroom dissapeared thanks to this really, so it's just my bed, a low bookshelf and my guitar and bass left there. I really need to make it look a bit inhabited now. The kitchen and living-room look almost exactly as before with the disappearance of a few small items, so I still feel at home. It's just the desolate bedroom to fix.

On the computer are things are looking somewhat brighter. TNT picked the G5 up the other day, so I won't have to worry about that anymore. Unfortunately I haven't heard a word on my replacement unit yet. When I asked Apple they said it would be on high prio, so hopefully I won't have to wait 3-5 weeks for it to be built at least... I guess time will tell.

Posted on September 11, 2004 at 8:32 am
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