January 17, 2019
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Damn telemarketers.

So I'm minding my own business here at work (literally) when I get a page, "Michael you have a call on line one." Nevermind that I like to know who's calling me and what for first, I take the call. I always answer the phone by addressing myself, "This is Michael," because I hate hate hate answering a phone to hear an inquisitive "Who's this?" And as often as someone asks to speak to me I regularly have to pass the call along to someone else at the office.

When I say my name I get about three seconds of silence until "I was calling to speak to Joe, actually, is he--" I cut him off and tell him Joe isn't in. "But I'm calling to talk to the person who orders the copier equipment there, is that you or is that someone else?" I tell him that I can help him out with whatever he needs. He asks a third time if I am someone who is authorised to make purchases for the company copier equipment and I assure him that yes, I can do that.

So finally, he tells me that there was an issue "with your account," evidently our toner supplies have gone up in price from 487 dollars a drum to 526 dollars a drum "and boy I sure wish my paycheck could just go up like that, ha ha!" But for some reason, they hadn't yet mailed out the notice of the price change which should have gone out last month--so because of this his boss felt like giving us a break and letting us buy another drum at last year's price which should hold us over "for this quarter." Red light klaxons go off in my office because our copier supplier--the same company we lease our copiers from (that's right, copierS)--knows for sure that we use well over one drum of toner in a single quarter. (A quarter of a year, I guess he meant.) So at the convenient pause in the speech as he waits for my "authorization" to send us a 487 dollar drum of toner, I asked if he could just please tell me the name of his company.

"... Copygirl," he says.

"We don't have a contract with Copygirl," I reply.

Before I could even finish I hear his voice, very close to the receiver, "but copygirl's going to cry!"


Posted on May 20, 2004 at 12:17 pm
Are blogs stupid? Hmm.

I had a very interesting conversation about blogging last night. A certain someone is concerned that blogging is a waste of my time, destined to detail each meal I have, broken down by recipe, before being stillborn in a month's time. Ironically enough he even acknowledged my "internet addict" status (such as my computer is usually on when I'm home, even if I'm not sitting in front of it at the time) and used it... somehow, to justify my not needing to do a blog. (?)

I figure I screw around enough at my computer (online and off), and I can type at a disgustingly fast rate that spewing so much is not inconvenient and might turn into something productive. (Even if it only serves as incentive to get me off my proverbial ass about something--though I didn't tell my dissenter that.)

Got an opinion about it? Does it even matter? Am I just groping for a second topic? Chime in fast--I'll have to fill the page up with more topics to bury this one at the bottom before the unnamed friend comes back to check this blog!

Posted on May 19, 2004 at 7:00 am
First entry!

I'd dash off a bottle of champagne to celebrate the launch of this. If I drank. How about you celebrate for me and pop the bubbly for yourself? People have asked me before "why don't you have a blog" and I never had such a great answer--in spite of however much time I spend in front of my computer, I'm not always gaming. Or even chatting. So when the IMG Pro subscription I already had offered up a free blog it seemed serendipitous reason enough.

I'm not sure how much gaming or random BS I'll ever post about here. For all my interests it may swirl into a melange that doesn't reflect much of either. For the time being, I'm continuing to play Halo even after completing the Mac version on Legendary. The Legendary ending that you have all heard about really is legendary, but I feel obligated to tell anyone who might be reading this--DON'T COMPLETE THE GAME ON LEGENDARY THE FIRST TIME YOU FINISH IT. I'll say that again, even if you don't plan on ever playing through more than once, just don't. The ending will be lost on you--well not lost, but you won't have the vested emotion in it, if you see it for the first time at your first completion. Once the game and its events mean something to you, there won't be a dry eye in the house. I guarantee it. Save the best for last, you'll feel you got your money's worth so much more.

I'm trying to get into Unreal Tournament 2004 but I haven't had a lot of patience for the vehicles. The jumpy Halo-esque physics are nice, when something cool happens at least. I still don't like the vehicle controls. I think I could hack them but that's where my patience comes in--I almost always give up, walk across the room to my futon, strap on my headset and play Unreal Championship on Xbox Live. :P

Finally, I'm still playing Marathon. For that matter, I'm trying (emphasis on trying) to set up a Windows installation of Marathon on my PC at work in order to burn it to CD and pass it along to some worthy individuals who haven't had the pleasure but I'm encountering some serious problems: I can't get enhanced textures to work! It is really bringing me down lately. The instructional readme for the M1A1 texture enhancement set has only two steps: move the textures directory to the M1A1 folder (the folder with the Aleph One app in it), then move the MML file into the Scripts folder. These two steps have never failed to activate enhanced Marathon textures for me in M1A1, but it just isn't working with the Windows version. What could I be doing wrong? Do YOU have any idea? Clue me in?

Posted on May 18, 2004 at 12:47 pm
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