February 18, 2019
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This is all so old, of when I was a much more hot headed individual... read with care lol.

No Farscape Fans?

Sunday night I was pleasently surprised that the Farscape episode was two hours instead of one. Equally, it was a really good episode, bringing back the two and throwing them headlong into a war they have no hopes of stopping. Got to love the Farscape storyline hehe.

Only thing that struck me odd, was Sikozu looked WAY different, even though it was the same actor. They did her costume very differently than the 'cute and almost innocent' tech girl. Now, she looks like an edgy evil vial bitch from hell. Maybe hanging around Scorpius does that to you? hehehe.

I guess monday night they played the last two hours as well. So us eager Farscape fans didn't have to wait FOUR WEEKS to watch a four hour miniseries. Thank goodness!

The ending was good. It closed well, and didn't leave you utterly hanging like they had so wrongly did the last times they pulled the plug on the series. Sure, its a shame Scorpius didn't get wasted, but I think he finally found his own peace.

Great series. Now I gotta go collect all the DVDs of it =) I think I have room next to my massive Babylon5 DVD collection!

Posted on October 18, 2004 at 6:54 am
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Normally I am one who watches a movie, and either enjoys it, or goes "eh, it was fine". Rarely do I watch something, and afterwards go "WTF WAS THAT?! I WANT MY 2 HOURS BACK!".

Jim Carrey has been an actor I have enjoyed watching from "Once Bitten" all the way up to "Bruce Almighty". All his films have been quite humorous, silly, and enjoyable in some capacity or another, even dramatic (The Majestic). I used to think "Man on the Moon" was his worst film, but still watchable, until this one.

I don't blame Carrey for the garbage this film is. I don't blame Kirsten Dunst, or even the chick from the titanic, they all tried their best to make do with the flat script and dodgy cinematography. I blame Focus Features and Charlie Kaufman for how bad this is. I was weary when getting this movie, because I had seen a few other films made by Focus Features, and hated them with great disgust (Adaptation anyone?!). They obviously know how to take a great actor, and make a seriously piss-poor feature with them.

What really bothered me, is all the false advertising on the box. Such claims that it's "A smart, sexy and seriously funny comedy!", or "The best work Carrey has even done!" Best work? Seriously funny? Dear, I think I've never sat straight faced for so long through a movie before, especially a Jim Carrey movie. It wasn't a comedy, it wasn't sexy, and it certainly wasn't smart. If anything, they should have said this was a romantic tragedy, with bold emphasis on tragedy!

"Over 50 four-star rave reviews!"... They must be talking about the 50 people who worked on the film. Even those self-righteous film critics like Ebert wouldn't give this wasteful cellulite four stars.

If you haven't seen this movie yet, save your money and skip it, unless you really wish to see something drag on, lack humor, and give you horrible flashbacks to the Blaire Witch Blunder. Even if you are a Jim Carrey fan like me, resist the urge and just watch something else. Heck, even Spy Kids 3D is better than this god-awful heap of trash. I actually suggest steering clear of any film made by Focus Features, and especially the writer Charlie Kaufman.

Posted on October 11, 2004 at 6:57 am
Chalk another up to stupid CD copy protection!

I had bought a piece of hardware, and it came with some games... one being Splinter Cell. I tried installing that yesterday to try out, as it looked pretty cool. Unfortunately even after a successfull installation, I couldn't launch the game.

It would ask for the cd, and sit idle on the splash screen for 10 minutes then crash.

So out of frustration, I contacted the tech support about it. After a lot of tried suggestions, and useless information they responded with an idea that the cdrom drive may have outdated firmware for the cd to work right. Apparently it's an "ongoing issue with game companies and various rom drives".

I knew exactly what they were talking about ... the cd copy protection on the cd was basically fucking up.

So, to satisfy their suggestion, I dug up the latest firmware update for my dvd drive... which happened to be released two weeks ago, and the original firmware on my drive was a year newer than the game itself. I was skeptical it was the issue.

After updating, it didnt fix the problem like I figured. Same ole problem.

I knew of a cure though, one I was holding out using because I don't like to rely on the efforts of the criminal. However, tech support left me no choice as they basically ran out of ideas. SO... I went and downloaded a NoCD patch, applied it, and the game runs fine now.

After going into another rage about how stupid these CD copy protection schemes are that require you to put wear and tear on your drives and CDs, I decided to let tech support have a piece of my mind, and I respond with a large rant about how cd copy protection obviously only hurts the legit owners, and that I had to rely on a hacker to get the problem fixed. I ended the trouble ticket on that.

It just goes to show, that again, it only hurts us buyers. Hackers and pirates all know you need to use those special patches, but not all buyers know... and if I hadn't known about these little NoCD patches, then I would have been stuck with a busted game I couldn't play or return.

Posted on October 8, 2004 at 7:53 am
Congratulations SpaceShipOne

Burt Rutan, head of the SpaceShipOne project, today has successfully sent his privately created and manned space ship into space for the second time (actually third time) to win the fabled Ansari X-Prize. This is a major milestone in the human evolution towards space flight. What will eventually come from all the buzz, who knows, but it certainly shows up NASA in making a low cost (extremely so compared to NASA project budgets) craft that can fly into and back from space.

I don't know about you, but I am always excited to hear of new space exploits. This world gets so tied up in itself with its little fights and qualms over limited resources, that it seems to forget the larger picture of the galaxy, and even universe.

Indecently for those who haven't heard yet, the historic first manned private spaceflight occurred on June 21st 2004. Last week and today were just two more flights to win the X-Prize. Amazing how the ship is fueled by rubber tires and laughing gas...

Posted on October 4, 2004 at 6:06 am
No One Lives Forever 2

As sequels are usually pitiful attempts to reap on an original game, and usually fall flat on their face, I was leery to try out "yet another sequel". This game, however, proved to be an excellent title, even exceeding the fun and quality of the first one.

I enjoyed almost every minute of the game. Although the level creation, and visuals of the game were very superb, the level designers decided to cop-out and use the tried and true pathetic form of "endless enemy generation" as a way to make them more lively. They just decided to make many of the enemies "regenerate" and walk back onto the level from some pre determined door or gate or something.

While not all levels suffered from this, enough did to where it got annoying and bothersome.

Ok, so you can argue then "its supposed to be a stealth and avoidance level". Where you are supposed to avoid the enemy and get around and do your tasks without blood shed. What's the fun in THAT?! Hehehe. No, its a valid argument, and one I do consider. I just like to kill everything that is a bad guy, and its a hard habit to break. They could have at least given the regeneration a fixed number. I found it fun to silently and stealthily kill every guard without alerting anyone else. But when it became fruitless to try, it eliminated some of the fun of the game.

Onto other bits, I surly loved the humor in the game. It was hilarious to find "intelligence" that were funny notes, or disgruntled employee memos. It gave the game and fun edge.

Graphics were great... well done, and all fell into suit with the style of the timescale. Having played it will full details on, it was quite a wonderful creation. That lithtech engine is getting better and better with every game.

I enjoyed how the music would change alerting you to when some enemies have gone hostile and are looking for you, or something else is a foot. Overall the sounds were great, with great variety, and hilarious conversations to eavesdrop on.

Oh, and sticking a person to the wall with the crossbow ?! And then watching then slump down when you pick it up again ?! That rules.

Overall a great game.

Posted on September 21, 2004 at 9:18 am
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