January 19, 2019
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Well....I've done it!

I couldn't hold out anymore and I've gone ahead and ordered a new G5. As is my typical routine, I aim high and therefore have a computer that will last me a few years. So hopefully, sometime in September, I will have new Dual 2.5Ghz G5 with the Nvidia 6800 Ultra DLL, 1 Gig RAM, 250 MB Harddrive, and the new Apple 20 inch Display.

September couldn't be futher away..... ARRRG!

On thing that I'm kinda bummed about is that I don't get a "Pro Card" with my purchase since I did it through the Apple Online Store. But since my local Apple Store said that to get BTO computers, I'd have to go online....no card for me....DOH!

Posted on August 11, 2004 at 11:37 am
Sports Fanaticism

So, I was watching the Tour de France yesterday to see Lance Armstrong's individual time trial. The crowds that line the course of these races are insane....The biker almost has to part the sea of screaming obnoxious fans to get through the course. People are reaching out and patting bikers on their back. I can only imagine how annoying this must be for the competitors. Some arial shots of the course showed that many "fans" had written messages on the course presumably for the riders to read (although one would think they would be focused on the race itself). In large block letters, I read "Lance Sucks." Hmmmm....well he is a five time winner of the Tour and well on his way to the sixth win....not really accurate. To me it was a waste of effort...clearly only written for the shock value of it and meant to upset people. I guess it worked because I thought it was pretty stupid. Of course the positive messages aren't always that great either. Not far from the "sucks" message was "Rip Their Balls Off Lance!" Hmmmmm.....really motivating for a guy who is a survivor of testicular cancer. What are these people thinking? In a brief interview at the end of the time trial, Lance had mentioned that some negative "fans" had even resorted to spitting on the riders.

It got me thinking about fanaticism in sports all around. When did sports stop being "friendly" competition for some people? Where did the "fun" go? I think about the soccer riots, post-football game riots, over-liquored parents fighting at their kids sporting events, and the list goes on. I don't mind if people boo or cheer on their team, but it is when they cross the line when it just fails to make sense to me.

This is starting to sound like a "can't we all just get along" rant, but it wasn't meant to be. It just seems to me that some people just don't get it and it kind of annoys me.

On a side note: I did notice that Lance was listening to an iPod during his warm-up for the time trial....cool!!!!

Posted on July 22, 2004 at 1:47 pm
Sage the Wonder Dog

Well today starts my yearly ritual of house and dog sitting for my parents as they head west on vacation.

A little over 6 years ago, my Dad volunteered at a Navajo reservation hospital for 6 months. Apparently, it is against the Navajo beliefs (I could be wrong) to spay or neuter their dogs. As a result, the reservation has a lot of stray dogs running around. The predominant roadkill I saw when I visited were dogs. So not long into my Dad's stay, a small dog came up to the door of the house my parents were staying. It was starved, cold, mangy, and in a pretty rough state. So, my parents took him in, cleaned him up, and named him Sage, after the hospital my Dad was volunteering at.

ASIDE: You have to understand one thing about my father. He didn't have a particular close attachment to any of our family dogs when were growing up. He didn't show a great deal of affection towards them...usually comments like "lousy dog" or "damn dog" were frequently heard. After our dachshund, Heidi, died, my Dad pretty much decided that he didn't want another dog until after he was retired.

So after about 6 years, my Dad was retired and on the "Res" when Sage come into his life. When I visited for a week, I met Sage and immediately found a new friend. Sage is most certainly a mutt. He is black (with some brown mixed in) and white. He has a bit of a terrier look to him and is a bit stocky. People are quick to call him fat, but I think he is just built that way. See for yourself:

Well, it came down to the last couple of weeks of my parents stay on the "Res." They were wondered what they would do with Sage. The considered a few options, but keeping him wasn't one of them. I called my Dad and had a discussion with him saying, convincing him that Sage had picked him and that he personified his experiences on the "Res." In a rare victory, I actually convinced my Dad, a stubborn German, to keep Sage.

Flash forward to present day. Sage is arguably the best dog our family has ever had. My Dad has never had loved a dog like Sage. He goes on two longer walks with him a day. He even shares a cookie with him periodically. Sage is very spoiled. Of course, you will still hear "damn dog" and "lousy dog," but not nearly as often as "good boy."

But with every victory, there is a price. When my parents go on vacation and Sage can't go along, I take of him. That was part of the deal. So tonight, I move in, as my apartment doesn't allow pets. Away from my Internet access and multiplayer goodness. But I don't mind, because Sage is an awesome dog....a wonder dog!!!

You can say "AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW" now. :D

Posted on June 17, 2004 at 12:05 pm

Holy Droolworthy, Batman!!! Gotta love the new G5's announced today. I don't think they'd need the liquid cooling, because I'd be drooling as I would anything that was deep-fried to perfection in rich, creamery butter.

I was half expecting the new G5's to be announced during the WWDC later this month. I guess no better time than the present.

Now if only I had the cash.........sweet, sweet cash.....

Posted on June 9, 2004 at 5:45 pm
Don't Get Eliminated!

MXC has made a significant impact on my life. Sort of a blunt force trauma kind of impact! I find myself often using the phrases "Indeed" and "Right you are!" I can't seem to shake these.

In case you don't know, MXC stands for Most Extreme Elimination Challenge which is shown on the cable station Spike TV. It is a Japanese program called Takeshi's Castle which has been dubbed over and perverted into quite the little gem. I think it is one of the funniest shows on TV at the moment.

It makes me wonder though...clearly Japan must not have the same protection clauses that the US does. The physical challenges and high probability of physical injury just would never fly here. Last night's show featured kids! I felt kinda guilty laughing at a kid who was face-planting on a stationary platform during the game "Sinkers and Floaters." I'm hoping the kids didn't have to the "Log Drop" game. Of all the events, I'd have to say that is the one which seems like it could cause the most in the way of injury. It still baffles the mind what people actually put themselves through.

If you have a strange and peverted sense of humor, this show is worth checking out. It may leave a scar though....

Posted on June 4, 2004 at 1:19 pm
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