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Episode IV: A New Mac

Well, I got the G5, and I got to send it away again. I guess Jim (G4Jedi) must have a good couple of days behind him now, since it's my turn to be down.

Well, it's still boxed down, waiting for TNT to pick it up. The sad story of my brand new 2.5 started with a crash.. and then it just continued from there. When I had packed the machine up and connected it to power and display I started it up. During the registration progress, it froze. I force shut down the machine and start it up again. I think I get about 7 boots with a crash before I can get it to boot from the OS X install discs. I do a quit format of the HD and install the OS again. This time I get to run the machine for at least 30 minutes before it freezes. And this keeps on going, I even found a certain way to get it to freeze within 10 minutes... by launching iPhoto and start updating my old photo library to suite the new version.

I've done most things to see if I could get it stable. Reverting to 10.3.4, clean swipe with a low level format, several clean installs, from the included discs and the Panther discs, supervising the CPU temperature during the crashes, running it from my MDDs HD in target mode (that actually worked rather nice, and I got several hours at one time, but getting it to crash was no problem there either) and switching the RAM. Nothing helped and Apple agreed to classify it as DOA. So now I'll get a new Machine "as soon as possible". I guess that is what I get for getting it 4 weeks early to start with ;)

So now the competition of what I'll get first, the G5 or KotOR is back on track...

Posted on September 8, 2004 at 3:05 am
The World is Turning and the Sun is Shining

Well, what goes down must come up.. or was it the other way around?

In my world it isn't right now though. I've realized that I'm free of three years egoistic abuse by my ex, and that any relationship should be more balanced. So I'm heading back out in life with high hopes for the first time in ages.

And coming out on the bright side is always great. Life is playing a lot of very nice tricks on me, and even almighty Apple had a perk in store for me. I ordered myself a dual 2.5 from the money I made during summer last week... Everything stock but the optical drive that is a combodrive instead of a superdrive, and I removed the 56k as well. The estimated shipping date was set to the 29th of september... so you can guess that my surprise was anything but minor when I yesterday received a mail telling me they've already shipped it... 4 weeks ahead of the schedule. With some luck, though I have to say I can't hope to push it now, I could have the machine by tomorrow.

I wondered when I ordered the G5 what would come first, the G5 or Knights of the Old Republic... it looks like Apple managed to trick themselves out of the competition for me. Not that I really complain... but somehow the wait for KotOR suddenly seems longer and harder than before, because now I will have a machine that will be able to run it in just a matter of days.

Posted on September 2, 2004 at 3:47 am
It's the end of the world as I know it... and I feel like shit.

I had promised myself that I would keep IMG out of this, but it's not possible. A lot of you in the chat already knows, but the pain of having to tell it all over and over again makes me want to write it down here.

My girlfriend and love of my life since almost three years back has broken up with me. Saying she doesn't love me anymore.

Just the pain of hearing the person you love above life itself utter those few words is more painful than anything I've ever experienced before, and hopefully ever will. My life is now a living nightmare and I only hang on a small, almost microscopic hope that she will change her mind... or more rather heart.

The reason of this small hope is that I did the same to her, just three months after we first got together, for almost the exact same reason with the same kind of words. And I felt the way she says she feels now, like it was the right thing to do.

For me it felt like that for 9 days, after 10 we were back together again. I hope that the same will happen now, but I don't count on it, because we are two different persons and we don't work the same way. I just need that small hope to hang on to my sanity... well... what sanity I had left before.

Love does not shine like the sun all the time, and I think that her love for the summer managed to outshine her love for me. Since we've been apart since the beginning of June, and she's been at her home town, enjoying herself immensely, being the creature of summer as she is, I can understand how she started to doubt our love, since she managed to go through summer without missing me. Hopefully the approaching fall with change this, when we get back to the life where we're used to being close.

But the hope is small, and I guess I will have to prepare for a life without her, no matter how much it hurts. But as long as I have this small hope, I'm able to survive yet another day.

I won't be too active on IMG though, but I'll do what I can.

Posted on August 2, 2004 at 6:19 am
WoW Diary - Day 18

I know that the day count isn't right, but it has its reason. I don't play every day. For a while I didn't play several days in a row. Why? The game grew boring on me.


Yes. You read it right. boring, dull, repetitive, un-fun.

I got sick of The Barrens, and the Stonetalon Mountains didn't look that much better, I didn't feel like going to the lands of the Undead and because of this, my Shaman got stuck at level 22. I felt that after doing hundreds of quests that had no effect at all on the environment, and after running around in the same area for ages, something had to change. That my troll friend was deleted killed most fun of the game for me. At least in the Barrens.

The change I need was to switch attention to my Gnome mage Knudd. He is now in a clan together with the Paladin that my old troll friend is playing. Things is looking somewhat better, but I still have reached several gloomy conclusions about World of Warcraft.

The game wants to be a singleplayer game in a persistent massive multiplayer wold. This is bad, since you can't change the world in the quests since everybody else has to be able to do the same quest. At the same time, grouping together is bets avoided as long as it's not needed, since you get better XP alone. Besides competition for quest enemies, the MMO aspect doesn't add much to WoW, but it hinders it a lot. I still get addicted by the game, but I grow bored at the same time. It's kind of a sweet-sour mix. The game has several good points, but the MMO gives it several bad sides as well. I still think I would buy the final game, at least for a few months, but I wouldn't stick in it long. It would be to play with my friends and not much else. The game seems to grow more boring the higher level you reach, since it takes longer to reach the next, and that's all the game really is about.

One sad thing about leveling is that only every second level really counts. Only at even levels are there new spells to learn and the level in between only increases your health, mana and basic stats. While this isn't bad, it feels like a letdown after all that hard work.

I hope my Gnome and the change of environments will help me enjoying the game for a while longer. Since my gnome is over 20 levels from my friend's paladin, there won't be much playing together with him for a long while, but at least we can chat while playing the game like most do... by our own.

Posted on July 6, 2004 at 7:57 am
WoW Diary - Day 15

And I'm back!

My adventures in the World of Warcraft is now continuing on a more or less stable RadioLAN connection. The download of the new patch took three days, and that was only because the speed increase tenfold on the last day. Now the connection speed seems to have slowed down again, but I got the new beta, and that's all that matters.

The first thing that changed that I had to struggle to get past was the reset of the inventory, my characters were standing in their underwear without any weapons, and a pile of money representing their level. Now my Troll shaman had no problems re-equipping since at level 21, he got plenty of money. My poor level 6 gnome mage and 5 human paladin had it a bit worse. I didn't watch my founds when buying clothes for them, and since I started with smaller stuff like bracers and shoes on my mage, I never got to pants and shirts before I ran out of funds. Now the sight of an unarmed pink haired gnome mage running only in a pair of bracers, a belt and shoes is rather amusing, so I never complained. He's at level 7 now, and I still haven't been able to give him a staff, but he got everything else by now at least. My female paladin was the last character I equipped, so for the sake of decency the first items I bought was a pair of trousers and a shirt. After that I could only afford a one-handed mace and no shield, but at least she wasn't running around disturbing young male beta testers. As well as my Gnome, she has now reached level 7 I still haven't been able to buy her a pair of shoes, but I'm getting there.

I still play the most with my Troll, but my rogue friend got deleted, so I lost the fun of great company for a while. I will play with him with my alliance characters again once they reach higher levels, since he got a high level paladin running around still. But my poor Grimlon had to make it on his own when I played through most of the quests in the Barrens again, most of them so low level that they wasn't worth the work, if it wasn't for unlocking the higher level quests. Now I'm past the point where I was before the reset, and things are looking great again. I still have a lot of quests left in the Barrens, but they all give worthwhile experience and now I got friends to play with again. While playing by myself I ran into an undead rogue that was roleplaying as well, and he like my troll style much enough to invite me to their role-playing clan. My tauren warrior friend from the previous beta seems to still exist, but he hasn't been online the days I've played so far. I have rather high hopes for this clan, since at least their leader went into the roll as much as me and my trollplaying friend used to do. I will still miss the rogue troll, but until I get my Gnome high enough to join his Paladin, this clan will help me endure some of the more tedious quests.

I will be back later with more, and since I will probably play more and more with my Gnome to get him up in the levels, I will get more onto the Alliance part of the game in the future.

Posted on June 27, 2004 at 9:28 am
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