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I recently reviewed Luxor for IMG. It is an extremely boring arcade puzzler with uninteresting, repetative gameplay and a meaningless scoring system. Games that require no skill grant no fun, unless you ride with the Bejeweled crowd (which itself is better than Luxor). It also cost $US20, which is ridiculous for what is essentially a java rip=off of PopCap's game Zuma. The graphics were pretty though, and the animation fluid.

The best part of reviewing Luxor is that it game me plenty of chances to use the term "balls" in a review, something I encourage more of.

Read the whole review here. Because my review has to reflect the interest of the broader gaming public (or does it?), some of whom actually enjoy repetative, mind-numbing games, I gave Luxor a 6 / 10. In my happy little subjective world though, it is more like a 4: competant and not broken, but dull as hell.

Posted on July 15, 2005 at 3:33 pm
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