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ConEEE's um, blog

eBay, eMacs and Kraftwerk

So, it's been a massive amount of time since I updated last. Strangely I'm in a similar position to my last entry; I'm looking at another set of 12 exams! It's 5 weeks till my first exam and I have 2 weeks till I start study leave. My Law course is finished and my Biology, Physics and Theology courses are near completion. I've just been through a hell-like month of Physics and Biology coursework. It took up my life so completely in terms of guilt (about not doing enough) that hopefully I'll pull off some decent grades.

Since my last entry I got an iTMS account. This thing is damn addictive; I've bought about 70 worth of tracks including 4 albums and dozens of individual tracks. That's what the Kraftwerk title is all about. Its my latest purchase, Tour de France Soundtracks. Although it sounds like it came out of 1975 it definitely has the best mix of rhythm, bass and synth to be called the best Electronica in the last 5 years. Not too sure about the last track, a bit too much huffing and puffing for me...

eBay! Lately this has been up and down for me. I've sold several things lately including my broken iBook and a 14" LCD TV. The TV was the worst auction I've ever run. Some utter idiot copied my auction listing word for word and even linked to my images. This was made worse due to the fact that he set the auction to finish earlier than mine! I ended up canceling my auction due to losing all my bids to the fraudulent auction. Anyway I relisted and got 155. Although when you spend an hour making images and writing descriptions, then come back daily to check your bids, it feels like you've lost a week of your life when someone nicks the entire thing!

If anyone's interested I've got my eMac up on eBay at the moment. I'm trying to fund a new iBook or G5 iMac. The auction starts at 8:00PM tonight at this address:

SitesthatSuck is nearly ready! Page layout and workflow is done, with the database to come soon. The site should be up in a few weeks or so.

ConEEE signing out....

Something interesting:

Posted on May 15, 2005 at 1:00 am
Rammstein, Sites that Suck and Exams exams exams.

So, long time since last update.

Last January I took 5 exams, 3 resits (Biology Exchange and Transport, Law Judges and Magistrates and Physics Forces and Motion) and 2 Unit 4 Papers (Biology and Law). The resits were ok. I didn't really want to fail "that Physics paper" for the third time in a row. First attempt, 34/90. Second attempt, 34/90. I'm hoping the third time will be lucky.

At the end of my exams I finally went to my first gig: Rammstein at Brixton Academy. Ok, I know what you're thinking. A 17 year old's first gig is to see a band that involves dildos and gimps, along with napalm and lots of German's singing about group suicide and eating each other's penis'. Not exactly a perfect match. However, I was told the atmosphere would be worth it by friends. They were half right.

The good: I got to mosh it with goth's, I got to see the ceiling of a gig hall get burnt by 30 foot flames coming out of the lead singer's arms and I also got to crowd surf.

The bad: I puked in the toilets on the way out. It turns out dehydration + moshing + beer = bad stuff coming out of your mouth.

Everything else:

I'm in the process of doing the image design on a new website with a bunch of guys over at It's called and I get to design the logo and the site templates. Basically It'll be a jokey style website poking fun at awful websites, hopefully being painfully ironic in the process. Here are some teasers (this is very early, chucked together in 5 minutes stuff):

Halo 2 + Xbox Live! rocks! I've been playing pretty regularly with guys from IMG (Johan, Mike etc) and I can safely say it owns. I'm ranked 10 in team skirmish already, gamertag: ConEEE.

I also managed to borrow the projector from my school again for the week. I've doubled the screen size I managed to get last time. Behold, 12 foot diagonal Halo 2 action!

Anyway, later losers.

Posted on February 14, 2005 at 11:26 am
iPod Shuffle and Mac Mini Shocker

All I can say is wow. I come into school the day after the keynote after telling a few of my friends to follow the news and I'm shocked. Currently about 5-6 people own Macs out of 150-200 students in the 6th form. There are also about 15-20 iPod users.

Apparently, the number of Mac users has doubled to about 10-12 (6 people ordered Mac Minis) and the iPod owning number is now uncountable. According to the 5 or so people I told to follow the news, they told their friend who told their friends that Mac and iPod is going on the cheap.

I think about 20-30 people came up to me and said they had placed orders for the 512-1GB Shuffle. None of them cared about the fact that it has no screen. It won't be long until the school gets demands for Macs in the IT department. I had the head IT technician come up to me today asking about decent 3D applications for his son's iMac G5.

I feel like a priest that just converted a tribe of atheists, all that evangelizing has paid off!

Posted on January 13, 2005 at 10:36 am
Halo on a 6 foot screen!

My parents borrowed a 2000 projector from school today (my mum's the deputy head) and I decided to borrow it. Here are the results:

We also watched Pulp Fiction on it. Tomorrow I'm going to invite a few people round and they're gonna bring an xbox and 4 controllers. We'll have a screen size the equivalent of a 40in Plasma screen to ourselves, even with the splitting. =D

Posted on December 28, 2004 at 10:41 am
MacExpo London Tomorrow - Apple Store in Kent in 2005

Amazing news for me! Apple have announced two new Apple stores in the UK, one of which is a 45 minute trip for me! Bluewater in Kent is a pretty big shopping centre but I had no idea it was popular enough for Apple to put a store there.

I'm so chuffed, yesterday there was nearly nil Apple presence within about an hour and a half of my house, now there's the plans for a huge store by the company itself!

In other news: I'm heading up to see the MacExpo in London tomorrow. I'll be taking some pictures of the games stall and anything interesting like what I did at the Paris show. You'll probably see them online on IMG later tomorrow. I'm excited but also worried seeing as I got paid today. I've had my eye on an iPod mini for a while now... :)

Anyone else going to the Expo tomorrow?

Posted on November 19, 2004 at 10:36 am
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