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Feeding Frenzy

Although I haven't yet gotten around to adjusting my scores for previous reviews (I am so lazy), here's a little mini-review of the new game Feeding Frenzy. Nowhere near as complete as previous reviews, but there it is.

Download the demo here.

Mini Review:

Feeding Frenzy is a fun little game, but it's a bit limited. There are only two gameplay types, and there isn't really any save function that I could find which means that you'd have to get through the game in one sitting. It would be nice if you could take a snapshot of the game, quit, do something else, and then resume where you left off. This simple save method would improve the game quite a lot.

On the other hand, it's very nicely polished, and is pretty fun. If you have kids, I would strongly recommend that you run this game by them. It's quite enjoyable, and definitely kid-friendly.

Personally I won't be registering the game; just too little stuff to pay $20 for it. However, I strongly recommend that you at least try the demo, because this game may well appeal to you.

As such, I'm giving this game a 6 (with the new review standards that I will outline in detail soon). Gameplay is fun and well balanced, graphics and sounds are very polished, but it won't appeal to everyone, it has limited potential, and the cost-to-what-you-get ratio isn't very good from my perspective. That said, you still should download the demo and give it a shot if you like arcade underwater action nicely polished shareware.

Posted on February 16, 2005 at 12:06 pm
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