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Magic The Gathering:Battlegrounds

My first X-box purchase in awhile, this game is great on so many levels. Being a retired veteran of the card game, Battlegrounds has nearly everything one would want in a real-time version of the classic game. Battlegrounds allows each wizard to pick 10 spells from up to 2 differant colors, and this allows for some fast passed action, as players build up mana to play some of the bigger spells in the game. All this action takes place in various small deuling arenas, all of which are well designed and fit the setting well. The sound and music all add to an already excellent package. The game features a lengthy quest mode, along with arcade and various multi-player options, including X-box live play. All in All, a well done game, with the promise of new spells to be added through X-box live, it should garner a fair amount of replay value as well.

Posted on September 8, 2004 at 1:46 pm
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