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This is all so old, of when I was a much more hot headed individual... read with care lol.

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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Normally I am one who watches a movie, and either enjoys it, or goes "eh, it was fine". Rarely do I watch something, and afterwards go "WTF WAS THAT?! I WANT MY 2 HOURS BACK!".

Jim Carrey has been an actor I have enjoyed watching from "Once Bitten" all the way up to "Bruce Almighty". All his films have been quite humorous, silly, and enjoyable in some capacity or another, even dramatic (The Majestic). I used to think "Man on the Moon" was his worst film, but still watchable, until this one.

I don't blame Carrey for the garbage this film is. I don't blame Kirsten Dunst, or even the chick from the titanic, they all tried their best to make do with the flat script and dodgy cinematography. I blame Focus Features and Charlie Kaufman for how bad this is. I was weary when getting this movie, because I had seen a few other films made by Focus Features, and hated them with great disgust (Adaptation anyone?!). They obviously know how to take a great actor, and make a seriously piss-poor feature with them.

What really bothered me, is all the false advertising on the box. Such claims that it's "A smart, sexy and seriously funny comedy!", or "The best work Carrey has even done!" Best work? Seriously funny? Dear, I think I've never sat straight faced for so long through a movie before, especially a Jim Carrey movie. It wasn't a comedy, it wasn't sexy, and it certainly wasn't smart. If anything, they should have said this was a romantic tragedy, with bold emphasis on tragedy!

"Over 50 four-star rave reviews!"... They must be talking about the 50 people who worked on the film. Even those self-righteous film critics like Ebert wouldn't give this wasteful cellulite four stars.

If you haven't seen this movie yet, save your money and skip it, unless you really wish to see something drag on, lack humor, and give you horrible flashbacks to the Blaire Witch Blunder. Even if you are a Jim Carrey fan like me, resist the urge and just watch something else. Heck, even Spy Kids 3D is better than this god-awful heap of trash. I actually suggest steering clear of any film made by Focus Features, and especially the writer Charlie Kaufman.

Posted on October 11, 2004 at 6:57 am
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Archives  Pro  This is all so old, of when I was a much more hot headed individual... read with care lol.