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This is all so old, of when I was a much more hot headed individual... read with care lol.

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No One Lives Forever 2

As sequels are usually pitiful attempts to reap on an original game, and usually fall flat on their face, I was leery to try out "yet another sequel". This game, however, proved to be an excellent title, even exceeding the fun and quality of the first one.

I enjoyed almost every minute of the game. Although the level creation, and visuals of the game were very superb, the level designers decided to cop-out and use the tried and true pathetic form of "endless enemy generation" as a way to make them more lively. They just decided to make many of the enemies "regenerate" and walk back onto the level from some pre determined door or gate or something.

While not all levels suffered from this, enough did to where it got annoying and bothersome.

Ok, so you can argue then "its supposed to be a stealth and avoidance level". Where you are supposed to avoid the enemy and get around and do your tasks without blood shed. What's the fun in THAT?! Hehehe. No, its a valid argument, and one I do consider. I just like to kill everything that is a bad guy, and its a hard habit to break. They could have at least given the regeneration a fixed number. I found it fun to silently and stealthily kill every guard without alerting anyone else. But when it became fruitless to try, it eliminated some of the fun of the game.

Onto other bits, I surly loved the humor in the game. It was hilarious to find "intelligence" that were funny notes, or disgruntled employee memos. It gave the game and fun edge.

Graphics were great... well done, and all fell into suit with the style of the timescale. Having played it will full details on, it was quite a wonderful creation. That lithtech engine is getting better and better with every game.

I enjoyed how the music would change alerting you to when some enemies have gone hostile and are looking for you, or something else is a foot. Overall the sounds were great, with great variety, and hilarious conversations to eavesdrop on.

Oh, and sticking a person to the wall with the crossbow ?! And then watching then slump down when you pick it up again ?! That rules.

Overall a great game.

Posted on September 21, 2004 at 9:18 am
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Archives  Pro  This is all so old, of when I was a much more hot headed individual... read with care lol.