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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon
July 29, 2002 | Carter Sample

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Since most of the missions are outdoors, your teams will be spread over a large area. Your team A.I. can normally handle itself, but if you feel that they need some human intervention you can either use a very intuitive command feature, or personally take control of them.

Your movement is mainly from a first-person perspective, although you can go third-person if the need arises. Not only can you crouch, but you can also lie down to get a steadier shot, or to stay out of the enemy’s sight.

Most of your missions range from disarming bombs, rescuing hostages or generally blowing things up. These objectives will take place in a large variety of locations, ranging from thick swamps to sparse deserts. Stealth is an important factor in this game, since you will most likely be outnumbered. If the enemy catches on to you, you can consider yourself dead.

Multiplayer is sure to be just as much of a hit as single-player. Ghost Recon offers a wide variety of maps and gameplay modes, such as king of the hill, deathmatch, last man standing and yes, even co-op.

As the host you will have a large variety of options, You can choose to set a lot of different options including repawns, team play, kit restrictions and many others. At this time we are not sure how multiplayer will be supported.

Desert Siege
Desert Siege is an expansion to Ghost Recon and will be packed along with the game when it ships. In Desert Siege, the year is 2008 and war has broken out between the two countries of Ethiopia and Eritrea. As the battle continues to wage, one of the world’s most valuable trade routes is put in jeopardy. Your mission is to free Eritrea from Ethiopia’s grip along with the trade route.

The Desert Siege expansion will offer a slew of new add-ons. You will be equipped with new deadly weaponry, such as the M60 machine gun and the M98 sniper rifle, to aid you on your missions. You can jump into battle through eight new single player missions and 4 new multiplayer maps. Desert Siege also includes 2 new multiplayer modes, allowing teams to defend or attack in a siege battle.

Last Word
For a while, Mac users have been begging for a tactical shooter that they could play under Apple’s new OS. Aspyr looks like it will deliver on that desire. Ghost Recon is due this fall and it looks as if it will be a hit. Aspyr plans to support OS 9 and OS X. Be sure to check Inside Mac Games for the latest scoop on Ghost Recon. We will be bringing you a full hands-on preview as soon as we can get our hands on the game.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon
Publisher: Aspyr Media
Developer: Red Storm
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