October 23, 2018
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Giants: Citizen Kabuto
November 7, 2000 | Tuncer Deniz

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Gameplay in Giants is of the first person variety, but the world in which the missions take place is entirely three dimensional, allowing for multiple solutions to each mission. Although the weaponry and attacks for each race are markedly different, they all share a sniper mode of sorts where they can zoom in and do damage. In Kabutoís case this zoom involves a magnifying glass that focuses the sunís rays to fry a distant enemy!

The story of Giants is very fun and entertaining, and you can be sure to be laughing out loud at several of the cutscenes that you view as you pass through the single player missions. I wish I could say more, but anything further would give away some hilarious jokes.

Multiplayer action is where Giants: Citizen Kabuto is really going to be a hoot. You can play over LAN or Internet in various situations. For example, you can have head to head battles, or have situations where all three races are represented, and there are specific maps just for that purpose. The Meccs are a hoot when you play them in a group because of the Mecc Gyrocopter. This is like a mini-helicopter that one Mecc flies while two others grab on to the sides and fly with him! The Meccs on the sides can shoot from their lofty position, then jump off so that they can parachute into enemy territory (in a manner of speaking) using their jetpacks.

Giants is nearly done, and itíll be out before Xmas on the PC, so expect the Mac version right on the heels of the PC release. After a long and arduous wait, one of the coolest games of the last few years will be unleashed upon us all, much to our delight. In the meantime, be sure to check out these never before seen screenshots.

Giants: Citizen Kabuto
Publisher: MacPlay
Mac Version: Omni Group
Developer: Planet Moon Studios
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