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Unreal Tournament 3
January 31, 2008 | Michael Phillips

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Aside from the usual deathmatch and CTF fare, Unreal Tournament 3 will introduce an entirely new game mode, Warfare. Warfare replaces the not so popular, not so loved Assault mode introduced in Unreal Tournament 2004. Featuring large maps and deadly vehicles, Warfare pits two teams against one another in an attempt to obliterate the opposing teamís base. A base is destroyed when its power core explodes, but in order to make said core vulnerable, a team must capture a series of nodes. But thereís a catch. Each node must be captured in order, meaning that node number one is closest to a teamís own base, while the final node is located right in the enemyís front-yard with all other nodes in-between. A team cannot capture that all-important final node until each previous node is under control. Teams capture a node in one of two ways. A team could hoof it over to an enemy node and blast it to Hell, then capture it, using link guns to repair it and make it their own. Teams will also have access to orbs. Orbs are stored in each base and must be carried on foot to an enemy node; orbs cannot be transported by vehicle. When a team reaches an enemy node with an orb, control is immediately granted to their team. No fuss, no muss. A round of Warfare is over when all nodes are captured and one teamís power core is destroyed.

In terms of weapons, Unreal Tournament 3 will offer old favorites and potential new favorites. The shrapnel blasting flak cannon will make its return for messy close quarters killing, while the sniper rifle will be back for those long-range kills. Replacing assault rifle will be the enforcer. The enforcer is an extremely powerful, yet nicely accurate, semi-automatic assault pistol, which can also be dual-wielded for double the killing power. Players will also have access to the newly imagined impact hammer. The impact hammer delivers a vast amount of energy in a highly dense area. Basically, the impact hammer fires a short-ranged blast capable of blowing a human or alien torso into a pile of goo. It is also capable of delivering an electro magnetic pulse.

Vehicles will also be a much greater part of Unreal Tournament 3. For example, in CTF matches, players have access to a personal hoverboard, allowing for quick flag transport around the much larger outdoor environments. Of course, a player cannot fire their weapons from a hoverboard and getting knocked off means being stunned for several seconds. Players will further be able to pilot both Axon Corporation and Necris vehicles. Axon vehicles will pretty much be what we saw in Unreal Tournament 2004, but the Necris vehicles will be quite different. For instance, the darkwalker is a mass piece of machinery propelled by spindly tripod legs. The darkwalker fires a devastating energy beam that cuts through anything in its path. The Nightshade is a stealth attack vehicle. Players will have plenty of vehicles to explore and explode.

Much is already known about Unreal Tournament 3, as it has already shipped for the PC, however Mac system requirements are currently unknown. It may or may not be a universal binary application, we just donít know yet. MacSoft is set to ship Unreal Tournament 3 in the not-so-distant future, so stay tuned for more news and our full review.

Unreal Tournament 3
Developer: Epic Games
Publisher: MacSoft


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