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Need for Speed: Carbon
June 27, 2007 | Christopher Huff

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In addition to fighting for the city, your reputation and your memory in the new storyline, you can now represent for you class. Is American Muscle your thing or do you prefer Exotics or are you a Tuner? Now, you have a chance to prove which class puts the best wheels on the road. Need For Speed Carbon also features a new physics engine that makes each car handle and drive differently.

EA Games has taken advantage of Trasgaming Technologies Cider to bring their hits to the Mac. Cider is a portability engine that allows Windows-based games to be run on an Intel-based Mac with no changes to the game’s programming. Cider virtually wraps around the program and allows them to run on OS X. This allows game designers like EA Games to bring their games to the Mac without having to rewrite a lot of code.

EA Games brings some of the best game play to the racing genre in Need for Speed, but it also brings some of the best soundtracks. Gone is the vague techno punk or the semi-knock off imitations that kind of sound like a popular song. The Need For Speed series now brings original soundtracks to race by. Previous versions have features great songs like Snoop Dog’s rendition of the Door’s Riders on the Storm. Carbon features songs by Grand Master Flash, Dynamite MC, Priestess, and a hot mix of others. Also, the sound track is available on iTunes.

The Need For Speed series has brought together some of the greatest aspects of race games and created a great experience with a multitude of options for different play styles and moods. Carbon jacks it up to the next level.
There are track races, stunts, drag racing and of course street racing. You can free roam, finding other racers and challenging them to impromptu races.

But watch out for the flashing blues. Cops are around and out-running the law can be a rush or a drag, depending on whether you get away.

You can go on the circuit and earn sponsors and profits. Network and online play allows you to take your custom ride and race friends and other players from around the world.

Need for Speed Carbon is scheduled to bring high-speed racing excitement to your Intel-based Macintosh this July.

Need for Speed: Carbon
Publisher: Electronic Arts
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