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Battlefield 2142
June 19, 2007 | Alex McLarty

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For players that donít want the immediate, visceral action of infantry, but prefer a more tactical, strategic outlook, they can opt for the role of Commander. A faction commander has a top down view of the battlefield and is able to direct troop movements, plotting carefully by using UAV and satellite scans. Commanders can also send in EMP and Orbital strikes, disabling vehicles temporarily and disabling the enemy soldiers permanently. A team with a good Commander can gain the upper-hand through intel and clever tactics.

The Theatre of War
BF2142 introduces a new game mode called Titan, whilst also retaining the game mode known as Conquest from Battlefield 2. Conquest allows up to 64 players and Titan, 48.

In Titan mode, players are presented with five silos that must be captured, spread across a map. Once captured, these silos fire missiles that target the enemy Titanís shields. Gaining the majority control of the five silos gives an advantage that allows the Titanís shields to be destroyed before your own. Once the enemy Titan shields are down, you can either fire yourself in a pod from an APC onto it, spawn from a squad beacon on the Titan or hitch a ride on an aircraft, to board the Titan. Once onboard, players fight through the air-ducts and corridors to destroy four reactor core control panels. Once the four panels are destroyed, a direct assault on the reactor core can begin. Once the core is destroyed, the Titan self-destructs within twenty seconds. Alternatively, players can opt for a slower victory by keeping control of the silos and eventually destroying the Titan hull.

Titan mode offers an exciting challenge to new and existing players; when enemy shields drop, the attention usually focuses to the cramped corridors and halls of the Titan, increasing the pressure and requiring new skills.

All maps in BF2142 and centered around Europe and North Africa. All Maps are available to Conquest with a smaller selection used for Titan games. Locations include; Belgrade, Cerebre Landing, Berlin, Verdun, Camp Gibraltar, Suez Canal, Shuiba Taiba, Sidi Power Plant and Tunis Harbor.

Each map has a different landscape and strategy; some being expansive desert locations like Sidi Power Plant, perfect for Fast Attack Vehicles, or sniper favorites such as Camp Gibraltar.

Persistence, ranks and characters
Continuing the character persistence of BF2, BF2142 introduces a ranking and experience system. By playing the game you amass points, be it through enemy kills, squad support or a Commander score. These points then advance you through the ranks and allow you to unlock new weapons or abilities. Players can also gain medals, ribbons and buttons if they accomplish certain tasks such as five road kills in a round or reviving a certain number of teammates in a round.

BF2142 is coming to the Mac courtesy of TransGamingís "Cider" technology that allows Windows games to run within Mac OS X. Unfortunately this technology is Intel only, so Mac users with PPC chips are quite literally left out in the cold. Cider apparently runs games so well that the performance hit is tiny compared to the native PC version.

Stay tuned and look out for a IMG review of BF2142 for Mac soon!

Battlefield 2142
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