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Release Date
Q2 2001

iShock II
February 14, 2001 | Patrick Leyden

IMG: How does the FFB for the iShock 2 compare with FFB technology on the PC?

MacAlly: iShock II's FFB "feels" more like the Sony Playstation's DualShock feedback. Actually we implemented a larger motor so that the user will feel a stronger "rumble" while they use the iShock II. On the PC side force-feedback support is more complex when compared to the iShock II. This is because the PC implementation is Joystick-oriented. The Joystick's FFB has a unique feature - velocity. PC game developers often use a high-level API called DirectInput from Microsoft to support force-feedback devices.

IMG: Will the FFB software have OS X Support or will it be limited to OS 9?

MacAlly: Currently the SDK supports OS 9 only. However, the architecture of the SDK supports OS X as well. Note that Apple has limited or no InputSprocket support in OS X.

IMG: Thank you very much, Andy

First Impressions
After having a chance to preview the iShock 2, it is clear that this controller has the potential to be this year’s must-have peripheral for Mac gamers. The style of the unit is reminiscent of the now-classic Sony Playstation DualShock controller, but with bigger, more comfortable grips and a cool translucent gray appearance. Configuration of the iShock 2’s many buttons and joysticks is handled by Apple’s InputSprocket software, so it is very easy to configure to your liking.

Playing a force feedback-aware version of Ambrosia Software’s Centipede-inspired shooter Apeiron, the iShock 2 revealed its true potential. The ‘rumble effects’ in this arcade shooter were very effective without being distracting. For games that are not written to take advantage of force feedback, Macally includes a control panel that allows the user to configure the behavior of the controller. While the drivers still have some stability issues, the software was very robust for being a beta release.

With its multitude of buttons and versatile combination of analog sticks along side a joy pad, the iShock 2 could be the controller that could appeal to Mac gamers who find game controllers too limiting. The iShock 2 is expected to be on store shelves soon. Once it is released, look to Inside Mac Games for a comprehensive review of the final hardware and software.

iShock II
Manufacturer: MacAlly


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