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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005
July 28, 2005 | Kevin Goetz

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After a two year absence, Tiger Woods, the biggest name in golf, is back with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005, courtesy of Aspyr Media. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005 has many more features than the 2003 installation. New features such as Tiger Proofing, Game Face, TigerVision, Legend mode, more courses, and many other small details (such as a much better application icon) make the two year wait for the new edition well worth it.

When you start playing, you will create your own golfer and you can customize your golfer's apparel, equipment, face, and body features. Your golfer can be as good looking or as ugly as you want. The game starts with your golfer on tour as an amateur, and your golf skills are seriously lacking. The object of the game is to obtain sponsorships from real equipment manufacturers and strive to surpass Tiger Woods on the overall money list. You earn money by beating your opponents in a golf match or by playing side games such as long drive, chipping, and putting competitions to earn some quick cash. Unlike in real life, with your earnings you can better the talents of your golfer, such as drive distance or overall accuracy, which is the same as in the 2003 game. If you don't want to climb the PGA Tour ladder, you can hop right on to a course such as Pebble Beach or St. Andrews for a quick game.

There are ten brand new courses included: Coeur d'Alene (Idaho), Colonial Country Club (Texas), Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course (Lake Tahoe), Fancourt Golf Club Estate (Scotland), Harbour Town Golf Links (South Carolina), Sherwood Country Club (Los Angeles), Troon North - Monument Course (Arizona), Turnberry Elisa (Scotland), and two new fantasy courses. The game also features pro golfer's such as V.J. Singh and John Daly but sadly doesn't offer other greats like Phil Mickelson.

Anyone who is a golfer should appreciate this game. The realism in this game is outstanding, from the golf courses to the look of the golfers, and it is fun to play, too! You can play as or against almost any one of the many big names currently on the tour as well as legends like Jack Nicklaus, Ben Hogan, and Arnold Palmer. However, to be able to play the great legends you must first beat Tiger Woods, which unlocks the Legend mode.

One of the cool features, Game Face II, lets you create a golfer with 90-95% accuracy to any person. You could create yourself but with a better physique, or your favorite movie star. With the utility, there are literally millions of combinations at your disposal. For example, when building a nose, you can choose from the following parameters: nose length, width, slope, and depth; nostril height and width; the presence or lack of left and right nose moles; and the choice of four types of nostril and bridge piercings. You can also add personal touches such as logos and tattoos.

There are a number of golf accessories in the pro shop, from sponsors like Oakley, Never Compromise, True Temper, Grafalloy, Dunlop, and Cobra which you may purchase with your tour earnings.

Golf courses have gone through many changes since Tiger Woods started turning heads in the mid 1990's, adding longer holes, narrower fairways, and more hazards. This has been termed "Tiger Proofing" and EA adds this to the 2005 edition by allowing you to make the well known golf courses even tougher to play.

Visually Tiger Woods 2005 is stunning. Golf courses come alive with an abundance of trees, foliage, and flags that move realistically with the wind. In the game you'll see birds flying across the screen and beautifully rendered clouds, rivers and lakes, and ocean waves pounding against the shoreline.

Also new in the 2005 edition is TigerVision, which makes putting on selected greens as easy as if you really were Tiger Woods. TigerVision is a bonus given out during gameplay which will tell you exactly where you should aim to help you sink a long putt. This special feature can help determine wether you win or lose a match.

Overall, the Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005 has many more features than its predecessors, and looks like it should keep you busy for a long time.

Be sure to check out the seven QuickTime movies of the game in action by following the "Movies" link in the information bar.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005
Publisher: Aspyr Media
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