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Control Command Escape Reviews Rayman Origins
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Control Command Escape recently reviewed Rayman Origins from Feral Interactive. Designed and directed by Rayman’s original creator Michel Ancel and published by Ubisoft for PC and consoles, Rayman Origins brings back the spirited 2D platforming of Rayman’s celebrated first adventure.

It starts off innocently enough; you take control of this rat-like creature with hands and feet but no arms or legs, and run him from left to right. It’s all very familiar, but several things make it work better than your average platformer.

First is the level design. Like recent Sonic The Hedgehog titles, the levels are designed with different possible routes. There’s always a completionist route, where you try to get to those almost-inaccessible corners to grab Lums, which are unreasonably happy golden blobs that will sing on occasion, melting the most scrooge-like hearts, and act as a sort of score. Or you can take the easy route, just try to mainline it for the “exit”, or if you’re so inclined, to speedrun it (I put “exit” in quotes there, because it’s an massive eyeball you punch out of the way). The other brilliant thing about the levels is that they’re incredibly short. As much as I experienced my fair share of frustration in the game, and least it was never for long, and I could play the thing, one level at a time, in short bursts

Check out the full review at the link below.

CCE: Rayman Origins Review
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