April 25, 2014
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Vendetta Online Adds Persistent Mine Support
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Guild Software has released a new update for its massively-multiplayer online space strategy game, Vendetta Online. Version 1.8.271 offers a variety of updates and changes to the game including the introduction of persistent mines. The addition is a sign of Guild's development plans for the persistency of player content in 2014.

VO 1.8.271 includes:
  • Mine persistency! Your mines no longer disappear when you log out or change sectors.
  • Because mines now persist, if you get Temp KOS with the faction that owns the station you're currently in, you will get launched out or thrown to your home station if you don't have a flyable ship.
  • Added preliminary Leap Motion support for the Windows version. 6 new binds are available: LEAPOX, LEAPOY, LEAPOZ, LEAPTX, LEAPTY, LEAPTZ; where LEAPO* are the three axes of orientation and the LEAPT* are the three axes of position. When a Leap Motion device is detected at startup, flight-assist is enabled, mouse-look is disabled, and LEAPOX, LEAPOY, LEAPOZ, LEAPTZ default to Pitch, Turn, Roll, and Accel analog controls respectively.
  • Fixed button positions in the one-click login menu for mobile devices.
  • Default Moga binds have changed to be more usable.
  • Changed the default invert mode for the Right-Stick Y axis on mobile gamepads.
  • The D-Pad on Android gamepads can now be used to select controls in the UI.
We've delayed making this official announcement until we were pretty confident in the reliability of this recent release, which heralded major changes to the persistency of universe objects, while also giving a window on things to come. The persistency of player content will be a major thread running through much of our development in 2014, as we continue to add more tools with which players may impact and influence the face of the galaxy. This will eventually lead to our long-awaited goals of an explorable and conquerable expanded universe of massive scope.

In the meantime, we're still fixing issues and polishing up the new gameplay as we add it. You can expect improvements to HUD and mine friend/foe identification in the near future, along with other tweaks and fixes. Please continue to submit Support Tickets, Bugs forum posts, and Suggestions forum posts for aspects you think should be improved.

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