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Friday, July 12, 2013
Salvage Trader Looking For A Kickstart
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Rasmus Rasmussen recently emailed us about Salvage Trader, a new 2D space adventure featuring "exploration, trade, building a life for yourself and getting back at the pirates who destroyed your home." The project is currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign to raise $6,000 to fund its completion. Salvage Trader is in development for Mac OS X, with a Windows 8 version planned if the Kickstarter is successful.

Gameplay in Salvage Trader is built around an open galaxy map, which you can explore at your own pace. You will find resources and enemies scattered throughout space, as well as planets to visit and space stations to dock at. Each destination has a built in mini game, like memory puzzles and an arcade like sidescroller, or series of missions that you can take on and complete at your leisure.

The story follows the sole survivor from a small colony, destroyed by raiding space pirates. Having lost everything, you set out to join the one organization strong enough to take on these outlaws - the Salvager's Guild. By upgrading your ship and completing missions, you will eventually take on the very pirate that attacked your home.

As for how crowdfunding comes into the picture, designer Rasmus Rasmussen says "Salvage Trader combines many of my favorite elements, from strategy and open exploration to simple arcade fun. All the major features are there, it's just a matter of making it look and sound good, replacing the placeholder graphics and adding more meat to the bones. That is what I'm hoping this Kickstarter will do."

Salvage Trader is being developed for Mac OS X, using the Gamesalad engine. A Windows 8 version will be added if the funding is successful.

Check out the page below for more information.

Salvage Trader Kickstarter
Salvage Trader

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