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Spectraball: Extended Edition Rolls Onto MGS
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Spectraball: Extended Edition from Shorebound Studios LLC is now available for download and purchase at Mac Game Store. The action title combines elements of platforming and puzzle solving, challenging players to navigate their way to the exit of each level as quickly as possible.

Spectraball combines elements of platforming, puzzle solving, addictive gameplay and stunning visuals to deliver an experience that sets a new standard for its genre. The object of the game is simple: make it through each stage as quickly as possible. However, as you progress you will find that each stage presents its own unique obstacles and challenges that you will have to overcome. In addition to the excitement of simply completing the stages, Spectraball also offers mini-games, unlockables, and online competition against others through its leaderboard system. Can you get the best time?


  • Addictive, fast-paced gameplay
  • Online leaderboards
  • Mini-games
  • Unlockable abilities and skins
  • Map editor with online sharing
  • Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later
  • 2 GHz Intel Processor
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 657 MB HD Space
  • 256 MB VRAM
Spectraball: Extended Edition is available now for $4.99 (USD).

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