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Wasteland 2 Ask A Dev Forum Open For Questions
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

InXile Entertainment has opened a special Ask A Dev forum to soliciit questions from interested gamers about the company's upcoming post-apocalyptic Wasteland 2 RPG. Questions asked so far cover a range of topics such as party creation, quantity of game content, and the role of NPCs players might recruit.

CNPC's play a pretty big role in the game. Some more than others. We have reactivity built in to the game based on the CNPCs you have in your party so some will trigger specific quests or impact conversations in a positive or negative way.

Ahh, the annoying CNPC... The CNPCs in the game will have their own personality. In the example below with the klepto, yes they might steal things from you along the way. They might not want to give it back to.

We are balancing this in a few ways. First is player choice. You are not required to take any of the CNPCs with you. They are optional. Many of them will have different attribute and skill layouts, which should add some strategy to who you choose to bring along the way. You're capped at 7 total slots so you will be forced to make decisions on leaving some behind. If the CNPC keeps stealing from you, it's your choice how to handle it. You can disband them and leave them to venture alone, you can kill them and take your items back or maybe you decide to deal with it because they are a complete dead eye with the sniper rifle. Also, the leadership skill ties into this. If you're a player who thinks the idea of an CNPC having their own personality sounds like it will ruin your experience, you can put more points into the Leadership skill, reducing the amount of times they will go rogue on you.

Check out the rest at the link below.

Wasteland 2 Ask A Dev Forum
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