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EVE Online's Lead Designer Discusses Retribution
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 2 comments

VG247 has posted a new interview with CCP Games' Kristoffer Touborg about the company's sci-fi MMO, EVE Online. In the interview the lead designer discussed some of the Retribution expansion's new features, the unpredictable ways players respond to said features, and the company's plans for the future of the game.

When Touborg spoke about players paying for content, he isnít talking about microtransactions, but the ISK bounties they can place on each otherís heads. If someone wrongs you, you can pay to open up the gameís PvP rule-set for 15 minutes, giving aspiring bounty hunters a window to make some fast cash and gain notoriety among the stars.

That is also evolution. These arenít pre-planned bounty hunter quests you get in other sandbox games, but the result of real grievances, petty squabbles or carefully planned plots to overthrow an entire corporation. Itís content made by the player, not by the developer.

Itís a system that Touborg felt was in need of improvement, and so itís the biggest change running throughout the Retribution expansion. Heís been monitoring it since it launched last week and itís already throwing back some interesting results.

Check out the page below for the full interview.

VG247: Retribution & Beyond
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