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Building Artificial Intelligence For Shadowrun Returns
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Harebrained Schemes's Chris Kohnert has released a new blog post featuring a status update on the upcoming Shadowrun Returns RPG. The posting focuses on the creation of computer AI routines for the many characters players will meet during their adventures in the game world.

One of my favorite features that might not be evident at first (it’s in that diagram if you look carefully), is the ability for a superior’s perception check to influence or even override those made by underlings. For example, let’s say you had a squad of Lone Star security guards and their commander protecting a genetics lab. If you manage to convince the commander that you belong there (i.e. pass a perception check) through, say, intimidation, fake papers, or even disguise, then when you encounter any of the guards later on, they will check with their officer as to whether you belong there.

If the commander says you’re good, the guard will just wave you on. Assuming, of course, that the guard has a high enough discipline trait. If he’s a slacker or doesn't trust (or like) his superior, he may just ignore his commander, and make his own check. This could be for good or bad, depending on whether he thinks you’re suspicious or not.

Currently, this type of “consult with superior” check is simply done invisibly behind the scenes for the sake of gameplay speed and flow. If you wanted a scripted scenario where the guard stops you, rings his commander, and then makes that assessment upon hearing back, you would probably want to dive into the trigger system and implement that kind of logic there.

Read more at the page below.

Shadowrun Returns: Believable AI
Shadowrun Returns (add to watch list)


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