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Wasteland 2 Attributes, Skills, Raider Portrait Revealed
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

In a new blog post InXile Entertainment's Chris Keenan recently offered new information about the company's upcoming post-apocalyptic Wasteland 2 RPG. In the new post the designer/producer revealed a list of character attributes and statistics players will be able to make use of in the game, as well as a new NPC portrait.

When we began designing the skills, we started with the systems in Wasteland 1. We immediately removed any skills that we didn't feel were going to be represented well in the level designs. Each skill had to be something that was going to be used throughout the game. All skills that remained would need to be designed into multiple areas to make the cut. This in no way implies that all skills are used equally. Some skills are used in rare circumstances in Wasteland 2 and finding these uses brings an appropriate reward.

Each starting skill has a formula that is derived from up to 3 attributes based on what would be necessary to be proficient in that skill. So initially, where you place your attribute points will determine the starting value of that skill. A character’s skills can be increased by leveling up, using that skill, and through specific items equipped on the character. For example, our current formula for Pick Lock is [10 + (1*Perception) + (2*Expertise)]. Depending on your starting attributes, your initial skill in Pick Lock can vary greatly.

Check out the rest at the link below.

Wastelands 2: Are Your Survival Skills Honed?
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