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Friday, October 12, 2012
IMG Unveils EB Expo Interview Videos
6:00 AM | Andrew Lennox | Comment on this story

With the EB Games Expo finishing last Sunday, Inside Mac Games was able to attend and give you everything Mac related. While the AAA titles dominated the main arena there was little if any Mac related news to report. Even the Epic Mickey booth, the only disclosed Mac ported franchise, only showed off the motion control components of its PS3 port.

Just as we were about to turn away from the lack of relevance in the vast expanse of this console dominated world, we decided to poke our heads into another section at the expo called "Home Grown". Here there were a number of local Australian developers showing their latest creations. To our surprise many of these were either offering their games on iOS or the Mac natively. Because of this new revelation, we turned our attention to these interesting developers instead.

We conducted a total of four interviews and over the next couple of days we'll be showing you the results. Today we're offering our interviews with Ryan Alcock of Blunt Instrument and Dan Clayton of Dime Studios. The developers offered us glimpses of their games Missile Control and Tasty Fish.

It was a great experience talking to these guys and hearing how their blood sweat and tears have helped them create something they are proud of and truly passionate about. We hope you enjoy!

IMG: Missile Control Interview
IMG: Tasty Fish Interview
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Archives  News  IMG Unveils EB Expo Interview Videos