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Crossing Over: Shogo Mobile Armor Division
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 5 comments

Inside Mac Games has posted the latest article in Justin Ancheta's continuing series of guides. The articles offer detailed instructions for running Windows versions of game titles which either never made it to Macs, or have Mac versions incompatible with recent OS releases. This week Justin turned his attention to Shogo: Mobile Armor Division.

Here's an excerpt:

There's something gloriously ridiculous about anime that, even when it's at its most serious, prevents it from ever being taken completely seriously. It's almost as if being an anime is, in and of itself, a license to get away with exploiting as many cheaply-executed, emotionally manipulative and logically outlandish tropes and stereotypes as possible. Yet, despite this, many such anime movies and series can do that while being undeniably charming and surprisingly entertaining. Not many other forms of entertainment can really pull that off to the degree that anime has, being able to cleverly get around the technological and practical limitations of its medium by allowing the viewer to inhabit a special space. A space where suspension isn't so much disbelieved as it is obliterated by a volley of drunken missiles, stomped on by a colossal 50-ft. robot, and squeezed to death between the mammary glands of a schoolgirl to whom puberty has been especially generous. When you think about it in that context, it makes perfect sense: why not put all of that into a computer game? Why not have a computer game about colossal robots and ridiculously overpowered weaponry?
Head over to the link below for the full article.

Crossing Over: Shogo Mobile Armor Division
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