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Telepath RPG: Servants Of God Updated
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

SinisterDesign.net has announced an update for its recently released Telepath RPG: Servants of God. The patch brings the game to version 1.813 and contains new content as well as some minor bug fixxes. Telepath features turn-based combat, dozens of abilities, a party of characters to interact with, and a steampunk fantasy setting.

What's new:

  • added a new Nightmare difficulty mode. (Accessible only via New Game+ after beating the game on Brutal, or using a cheat code.)
  • visiting the Mechanic Base now produces randomly generated battles against the mechanics.
  • it is now possible to learn the location of the Mechanic Base by scanning a mechanic during the labor site rescue mission.
  • added three new tiles for the Stone Dungeon tileset to the map editor.
  • improved Griffin's responses when asking about certain characters.
  • fixed a bug in one branch of Arman's optional dialog.
  • fixed a small bug in Helena's dialog when declining to hire mercenaries.
  • fixed an issue with the final boss music not playing.
  • fixed the game not remembering it if you manage to kill D'Kah midway through the game.
  • fixed Naj and La'Man showing up in a cut scene near the end of the game even if you haven't recruited them.

Head over to the site below to learn more about the game.

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