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Eschalon: Book II Secrets Of Fathamurk Expansion In October
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 7 comments

Basilisk Games has officially announced the development of an add-on adventure for Eschalon: Book II. Titled Secrets of Fathamurk, the update will include five to ten hours of new content as well as improvements to the game engine and some new additions in other areas of the game world.

"This expansion for Eschalon: Book II will add 5-10 hours of new gameplay for fans of the game," said Thomas Riegsecker, Lead Developer of the Eschalon series. "Better yet, we're not charging players a dime for it. If you own Eschalon: Book II you will have access to this new content free-of-charge with the 1.05 update."

[Q] How do I get it?
[A] The additional content will be included with version 1.05 of Eschalon: Book II. When this version becomes available in October, you just need to redownload the game and install it. The new content is already integrated into the game.

[Q] How do I see the new content?
[A] Once inside the game, you need to go to the Farrock Caves. In the western part of the caves is a sealed hallway, beyond which is a stairwell going down. The new content is down there, in the dungeons of Fathamurk.

[Q] Is this additional content part of the main storyline in Book II?
[A] No, it doesn't affect the main storyline at all. You can play the game and never even visit this new dungeon, and it won't change your game one bit. But for true fans of the game, there will be some clues in Fathamurk regarding the true nature of the Orakur!

[Q] What else is notable about version 1.05 of Eschalon: Book II?
[A] Quite a bit, actually! There are a large number of updates to the game engine as well as additional content to other areas* of the game world in addition to Fathamurk dungeon. For example, the Zoological ruins outside Port Kuudad have been expanded and additional enemies have been added to several areas of the game, just to list a few of the updates.
The Secrets of Fathamurk expansion will be included in the 1.05 update to Eschalon: Book II coming in October. Visit the site below to learn more.

Eschalon: Book II Secrets Of Fathamurk
The Secrets Of Fathamurk FAQ
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