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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

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A Vampyre Story Reviewed
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 2 comments

MacGamer recently posted a review of A Vampyre Story, a point and click adventure brought to the Mac by Virtual Programming. The game tells the tale of opera singer Mona De Lafitte who struggles with her new life after being turned into a vampire.

From the review:

Mona is in complete denial concerning her undead status. Despite the fact that she can’t stand daylight, sleeps in a coffin, can transform herself into a bat, is repelled by garlic and the sign of the cross, she insists she’s not dead. She claims she doesn’t drink blood, only a thick Merlot that is a bit salty with an iron aftertaste. She yearns to escape Castle Warg so she can return to Paris and her career as an opera singer.

For an undead monster, Shrowdy is something of a wimp who is intimidated by Mona. He built her an opera studio in the castle where she can sing. The henpecked Baron is “killed” (remember, he’s already dead) while searching for blood for Mona.

And so, Mona is finally free to leave the castle and return to France … or is she?

The game mechanics are simple almost to the point of elegance. A point-and-click moves Mona to any place on the screen. Mona has four initial choice to interact with characters or objects — examine, take or touch, talk, or turn into a bat and fly to the object.

As a rule of thumb, try all four with everything and everyone. One of the game’s nicer features is using the TAB key to highlight all the things on the screen of importance to Mona. There are a LOT of these and it can sometimes get tedious going through everything.

When talking to other characters, there is a menu of questions. Previously asked questions are grayed out, so upon returning, the player doesn’t have to go through the whole conversation again. However, it is a good idea to go through the entire dialogue with characters at least once.

Another nice feature is the mouse right-click that automatically moves Mona through doors. Otherwise, you have to wait while she strolls across the screen. Use the Spacebar to bypass movie cut scenes.
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MacGamer: A Vampyre Story
Virtual Programming
A Vampyre Story
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