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Thursday, August 21, 2008
TransGaming Adds SecuROM To Ciderized Titles
6:33 AM | Cord Kruse | 45 comments

TransGaming has announced that it will utilize Sony DADC’s SecuROM digital rights management (DRM) solution for all video game titles enabled through TransGaming's Cider portability engine for Mac games. The move is intended to provide the company with "a high level of security against piracy and unauthorized copying for Cider enabled game titles," as well as encourage more Windows developers to consider Cider.

“With the launch of our consumer-facing Mac games portal, GameTree Online, we are pleased to ensure the protection of Ciderized games through with Sony DADC’s SecuROM ™”, commented Vikas Gupta, President and CEO of TransGaming. “Our ability to offer Sony DADC’s security solution is imparting substantial comfort to our publishers and developers interested in the Mac gaming market and demonstrates a clear advantage as to why Cider is the leading solution for Mac games enablement.”

“Sony DADC is the first digital rights management provider to apply product activation security in cooperation with TransGaming’s portability technology for the Mac”, explained Stefan Tschapeck, SecuROM ™Product Manager  at Sony DADC.  “TransGaming’s Cider portability technology provides the use of our SecuROM Product Activation for all Ciderized Mac games, whether sold online via digital download or through traditional retail channels.”

With SecuROM ™Product Activation, Sony DADC offers games and software publishers, plus online distributors, the possibility to apply just one single DRM solution to their content, regardless whether it is distributed via the physical or digital sales channel (e.g. Internet). SecuROM ™Product Activation enables content owners to apply different business models, such as “Try & Buy” or “Subscription” for publishers and online distributors of games and/or software. As a result publishers and online distributors can benefit from increasing customer loyalty and additional revenues. Sony DADC's SecuROM™ digital rights management solution is already used by 80% of the top Windows-PC game publishers worldwide and is now positioned to also become the leader of product activation solutions for the Mac.
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