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Wednesday, April 5, 2006
Developers React To Apple's Boot Camp
11:00 AM | Tuncer Deniz | 35 comments

Today's release of Boot Camp has thrown one of the biggest monkey wrench the Mac games market has ever seen. How it will impact Mac game developers is the hot topic of the morning. We asked a few Mac developers what they thought about Apple released software that makes it so easy to install Windows on an Intel Mac.

Peter Tamte of MacSoft:

The market of Mac game players is going to explode if consumers can play the entire library of Windows games plus the entire library of Mac games on their Macs. Most of these users are going to want to spend as much of their time in MacOS, rather than Windows. Destineer/MacSoft's plans, first and foremost, are to release Mac versions of Destineer's internally developed games simultaneously with other platforms and also to continue releasing conversions of Windows games on an opportunistic basis where we believe we can serve users who prefer not to run Windows on their Macs.
Glenda Adams of Aspyr Media:
It's an interesting move on Apple's part. I hope that Mac users will continue to support Mac specific software in the future, and not turn their shiny new Intel Macs into dumbed down Windows machines just to play games. Of course Aspyr also publishes some PC only games like Dreamfall and Spellforce 2, so if the mac game market shrinks, something like Boot Camp may be the only way to play those on the Mac. We'd much rather have a healthy, growing Mac game market that made it viable for us to make Mac specific versions of those kinds of games though.
Ian Lynch Smith of Freeverse Software:
Great news for Mac Users! As usual, game makers are on the bleeding edge of the latest technology, emphasis this time on the bleeding :)

We always figured it would happen, but we thought if Heroes was out in 06, what with intel tech adoption, and obvious headaches in duel booting etc, we'd have a good year before the landscape totally changed. But Apple is pushing the intel roll out very aggressively, and now aggressively pushing dual boot (and virtualization eventually from someone). We live in interesting times.

Andrew Welch of Ambrosia Software:
I'd say the same thing that I said before re: this issue, which is that Apple is clearly doing this because they believe it will help sell more computers Whenever Apple sells more computers, it is good for us -- people will get sick of dual-booting, and would prefer to run native games, just like Linux users prefer native games

I don't view it as a threat at all... but then again, we're not in the porting business for the most part, that may affect my opinion. I know a lot of people who have been thinking of a new iMac, switching over from Windows
If you can tell them that they can boot into Windows too, if they want to.... instant sale, IMHO. People "need" Windows less than they think they do. I hope WINE gets ported soon, so people can run the vertical software they need to.

Brad Oliver of Aspyr Media:
From a business standpoint, I suspect Aspyr is, in the short term, going to continue releasing Mac ports as before and see where the market takes us. If Mac sales tank, we've got enough revenue coming in from PC and console ports that it probably won't hurt the company too much and we'd just focus on the other platforms. It's possible that the Mac market share could increase so dramatically that the demand for Mac games increases enough to offset the costs of the loss of sales to dual-booting, but I'm not so optimistic about that. From a personal standpoint, it probably means the end of my current job, but I'm going to ride it out to the end and see where that takes me. I love doing Mac game ports, so in a way I wish I were strictly a Mac user now and didn't have a job that is in total collision with this new development.

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