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Tuesday, August 17, 2004
Mac Version of Doom 3 Sees Setback?
9:15 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Some information was uncovered at the recent Quakecon 2004 that could seem to spell trouble for the Mac version of Doom 3. According to a report at AMD Zone, when asked about the OS X version of Doom 3, the id folks being questioned responded that, due to optimization problems, Activision has no plans to publish the port themselves.

Here's a paraphrase of the answer from AMD Zone:

A Mac "gamer" asked about the port to OS X. Apparently there is no current time for the release of a port. The game runs, but there is a lot of optimization, and currently they feel the Mac platform can not yet offer the same experience as the PC. Activision will not publish the Mac version of Doom 3. There is no publisher set currently.
While this doesn't mean the port is dead, it does represent a setback for fans who were waiting for this one quickly. Since the game's PC release, an OS X version has been mentioned multiple times by id employees.

We have no official news yet on whether or not Activision is willing to deal with other publishers for the publishing rights, but rest assured that we'll report on it at the first opportunity.

[Update] Another report in the Quake3World forums from the Mac user who attended the conference and asked the question gives a slightly more optimistic view on the matter. His takeaway from the Q&A was that only lower-end machines needed optimization still, and that it is simply a matter of time before id finds a publisher besides Activision:

My question: Who took over the Mac programming when Graeme left?

The answer: Tim Willits, lead designer. He's also the one handling the Linux port. He said the Mac port was playable, but was still in need of optimizations, especially for the lower-end systems. He said he was working directly with Apple to address the issue.

What was most intriguing of all was that they stated that the Mac version would NOT be published by Activision as previously assumed. Instead id would have to shop around for a new publisher. The bright side of this is that they MUST be putting out a retail version, otherwise they wouldn't be needing a publisher at all.

Stay tuned to IMG for the latest.

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