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Thursday, August 12, 2004

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Mac-friendly RTCW Mod DeGeneration Released
8:50 AM | Jean-Luc Dinsdale | Comment on this story

Game modifiers TRAM Design have released a Mac-friendly version of their Return To Castle Wolfenstein beta mod DeGeneration.

The multiplayer modification, which requires the full version of Return To Castle Wolfenstein, pits teams of six to eight players in a struggle to find, power up, and ultimately control the machinery required to complete Nicola Tesla's "Death Ray" project:

Nikola Tesla died on January 7th, 1943 in Manhattan. Immediately after his death his papers containing scientific data and information about "Death Rays" vanished. Up until that time it was known they existed, but neither the U.S. Goverment nor scientific community put much stock in the plans. It was now apparent someone did and Franklin D. Roosevelt ordered a full investigation into Tesla's death with hopes of retrieving the missing papers to find out why.

Almost a full year later, just as Rome crumbled, British soldiers confirmed the Allies' greatest fear as they retrieved the missing papers from an overrun camp in Sicily. Frantically, Britain and the U.S. began pouring more resources into researching "Project Tesla" and after just a few short months found they were racing towards the final stages of its construction. Soon they would be on par with the Axis who, because of their early start, were also making great progress.

Regardless, one key element remained. The Death Ray plans called for a power source of great magnitude. They needed a generator stronger than anyone had ever built before. Unfortunately, after polling the surrounding areas, it was clear that the shortage of parts, due to war efforts, meant that the project would have to be moved. As the Allied scouts set out for parts, commanders get word that the Axis powers are already planning an offensive in their direction hoping to thwart their efforts.

While the 190MB modification, available in .ZIP format through the links below, includes over twenty gameplay and performance improvements, this new version of the mod is also the first to include full support for the Mac operating system.

Tram Design's DeGeneration Mod
Aspyr Media
Return to Castle Wolfenstein
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Archives  News  Mac-friendly RTCW Mod DeGeneration Released