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Thursday, August 12, 2004

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id Sound Designer Discusses Doom3 Audio
8:23 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Music 4 Games has posted an in-depth interview with Ed Lima, composer and sound designer for the recently released id juggernaut Doom 3. The focus of the interview is on the various aspects of work that went into the audio portion of the FPS, including initial stages, creative freedom, and philosophies behind choices made.

One point Lima makes is that one of his goals was to use sounds that were not easily recognizable to listeners:

In scoring both types of scenes, we came up with a set of rules. Specifically, recognizable instruments were to be avoided, opting instead for synthetic sounds or variations of known sounds, not easily or clearly identified as traditional instruments. Rhythmic passages were okay, as long as they contained nothing recognizable as contemporary percussion instruments. So my sound palette consisted of various evolving drones and pads, some punchy bass or stab sounds, lots of sweeps and swells for stinger-type uses, and percussion sounds, including some traditional bass drum samples, Taiko drum samples, tom-toms, as well as some junk percussion sounds like pipes, hammers, old filing cabinets, stuff like that.
Lima also discusses the ideas behind the minimal use of music in the game, the various challenges he faced during production, and the emphasis of specific sounds during cutscenes.

Music 4 Games - Interview with Ed Lima
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Archives  News  id Sound Designer Discusses Doom3 Audio