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Monday, September 25, 2000

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Tribes 2 Delayed?
6:00 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Tribes 2's Dave Georgeson has made a post recently to the TribalWar forums. In this post he notes that Dynamix is asking their publisher Sierra for more time to test this teamplay-based shooter. Here's his post in full:

Well...remember that Fall, 2000 thing I keep saying...?


Dates are funny things. We're currently working with Sierra to negotiate a longer beta period so we can polish this sucka up nice and bright for you. We're not slipping our beta date, but we don't want to ship buggy, so we're talking to them now about moving the date for shipping so we can have a longer, more thorough beta period.

We'll see.

Choosing between getting a game out "on time" and really polishing it to its full potential is a tough call, certainly.

Currently the once-promised Mac OS version of this game is on hold, pending completion of the PC version. Obviously this delay will also affect a possible future Mac release of this title, but now we can be certain our version will be less buggy if it does ship. For more information on Tribes 2 visit the game web site.

Tribes 2 Web Site
IMG News: Fate of Mac Tribes 2 In Limbo?
Tribal War Forum Post

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