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Monday, September 25, 2000

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Tribes 2 Vehicle Details
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DailyRadar has posted an article revealing the vehicles that you will be able to use in Dynamix's upcoming teamply-based shooter sequel, Tribes 2. Ranging from a small but speedy cycle to a massive "mobile point base," these vehicles can be driven solo, but usualy include multiple seats for other team members. It was previously stated that Dynamix is working on making the vehicles go under water as well, but there is no specific information that any of the vehicles revealed can go unde Tribes 2's realistic oceans. Here is an excerpt from the vehicle description list:

Wilcat Grav Cycle

A favorite of snipers and flag runners, the Wildcat is a ground-hugging
"Terragrav" built for blazing speed. Skilled Wildcat pilots build formidable
reputations as fearless daredevils... or absolute psychopaths.

Beowulf Assault Tank

Powerfully armed and heavily shielded, the Beowulf constitutes a
fearsome mobile assault fire platform. It carries a crew of a pilot and a
gunner and is armed with turret-mounted plasma cannons and a fusion

Jericho Mobile Point Base

Slow but heavily shielded, the Jericho carries a full inventory station and
permits a tribal force to establish a forward base anywhere on the map.
An onboard sensor jammer lets it slip past enemy sensors.

Shrike Fighter

The Shrike is often typecast as an anti-Turbograv vehicle. However, its
agility and heavy chainguns make it quite effective in a ground support
role. It also carries an advanced sensor suite that links into the
Command Circuit and provides detailed intelligence on enemy

Thundersword Bomber

The Thundersword delivers massive firepower to the battlefield and is
particularly effective against shielded targets. The three man crew
includes a pilot, bombardier, and tailgunner. The bombardier fires either
energy bombs or a belly turret.

Havoc Gunship Transport

The Havoc allows aerial transport of personnel across any terrain.
Though unarmed, the ship carries up to four heavy armors plus a
tailgunner, thus earning the appellation "gunship."

The Mac OS version of this title is on hold pending the completion of the PC version, which was recently delayed. Check out the DailyRadar report for more information.

Tribes 2
DailyRadar's Tribes 2 Vehicles Report

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