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Friday, September 22, 2000
Tanks of Terror Test Demo Released
3:38 PM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

Brian Barnes of Klink Software has released a test version of the demo for Tanks of Terror, an OpenGL-based 3D title featuring tank racing and warfare. With charming graphics and sound and realistic physics, this shareware title adds nicely to the flood of racing-related titles coming to the Mac OS this Fall. Here is a description of the game and its features, from the readme:

Tanks of Terror is an OpenGL kart racing game with tanks, big weapons, and even bigger bosses. It's set in the 50's during a very B-movie-ish alien invasion. The main features are:

  • True 3D Environment
  • Indoor and Outdoor Maps
  • Dynamic Lighting
  • Dynamic Weather (Rain, Snow, Fog)
  • Changing Gravity
  • Time of Day
  • Liquids (with Tides)
  • Animated Backdrops
  • Advanced Transparency Effects
  • Marks on Walls and Floors
  • Controllable Camera
  • 6 Worlds
  • 2 Race Modes
  • Gauntlet Timed Races
  • Boss Battles
  • "Death Match" Type Games
  • 34 Maps
  • Skill Learning Bot AI
  • Tank Customization
  • Multiple Input Options
  • Network Play

    What is this release?

    This is a TEST of the DEMO version. It's the complete demo version released to the general public to hopefully find and then fix any last remaining bugs. Depending on the number of bugs, there might be an additional TEST or just the real DEMO. After that, the complete version will be released.

    What is in the complete version?

    The demo has 1 world, which consists of 3 regular race maps (in two different modes), 1 timed gauntlet map, and one boss map. It also includes 1 special network battle map. The full version contains all 6 worlds and all 4 battle maps.

The game includes many options to tweak the graphics settings for performance, but seems to run well with all options enabled on a G3 with a Rage 128 card. Grab the demo test from Macgamefiles, and be sure to leave your feedback and comments for the author.

Tanks of Terror Demo Test

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