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Friday, September 22, 2000

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Deus Ex SDK Released
8:27 AM | Tom Bridge | Comment on this story

As promised, Ion Storm and Eidos have released the Deus Ex SDK (software development kit) to fans and developers. This information allows users to inspect the files of this game and edit them to create new levels, characters and other goodies. Past releases of SDKs for such games as Unreal Tournament and Quake 3 Arena have inspired hundreds of amazing 'mods' to the original games. The release of this SDK may have the same effect, making the shelf-life and expansibility of Deus Ex nearly infinite. However, the majority of editing tools for Deus Ex (based on the Unreal engine) are PC-only and most likely will remain that way.

From Blue's News:

The 4.9 MB package includes versions of UnrealEd and the UnrealScript compiler specifically modified to work with Deus Ex, the conversation editor ConEdit complete with samples, extensive documentation and more.
This comment came from Mark Adams, President of Westlake Interactive:
There are no plans to do the DX SDK for the Mac. The SDK primarily
contains a modified version of the Unreal Editor, which was never ported
to the Mac. All of the content created on the PC with the DX SDK should
work fine on the Mac though.
In a few month's time the seeds of this release will bear fruit, and Deus Ex players can start enjoying the custom levels and weapons that Q3A and UT players take for granted. There are already several ambitious Deus Ex projects in the works, including two multiplayer mods.

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