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Friday, June 25, 2004
A Brief Mac Gaming History
8:28 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story has recently added a new page to its Classic Essential 50. Sitting in at #22 is the Mac, which is accredited as being influential for gaming in terms of both interface, with its mouse-drive properties, and its early game titles, which have served as the basis for further successes down the road.

Older Mac gamers may remember some of the titles mentioned in the feature, including Uninvited, Shadowgate, and Dark Castle, which gets special mention for its mouse-driven interface:

If you play Dark Castle now, it's not that obvious, but you still might pick up on something interesting. This is one of the first successful action games to use a mouse for shooting things. Throwing those rocks is a matter of moving the mouse around to aim and clicking the button to fire. It's pretty crude by modern standards, of course -- you can only aim in so many directions, making beaning the bad guys with his store of rocks a matter of careful trial and error -- but it works, adding a whole new dimension of control to a side-scrolling platformer.
Also covered are other gaming landmarks established by the Mac, various early titles, and the current whereabouts of some of its earliest game programmers.

Classic 1up - The Macintosh

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