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Tuesday, June 15, 2004
Mac Games Solutions Site,, Launches
7:44 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

A new site dedicated to Mac gaming solutions has opened its doors. The new web site,, will be providing utilities such as launchers for Unreal Tournament 2004, OS X utilities for benchmarking, as well as a FAQ database, news, forum, and more.

Here's more from their press release: opens its doors today as a site with a core staff of Mac experts to solve UT issues for the OS X community. Their expertise ranges from coding Mac launchers for UT2004 mods, writing maps & mutators, converting windows-only releases, or betatesting for UT-engine based games such as Americas Army or Postal2. Co-founders Scvwebfire of and Santaduck said "We've been thinking about this for months to pool the networks we have made in the Mac gaming community-- it was so inefficient working one on one. The critical mass is now right and we've created a 'one stop shop' to meet, work, and release solutions to the public." Indeed, with the recent flood of mod releases at the MSU (Make Something Unreal) Phase 3 deadline, while the mods menu is still disabled in the latest patch of UT2004 for Mac, the timing couldn't be better.

Solutions available on Macologist on launch day include launchers for UT2004 mods such as Frag.Ops and Red Orchestra, as well as nearly a dozen OS X utilities for benchmarking, uMod installation, or even creating standalone launchers for mods. There are also OpenAL tweaks, and even solutions for UT99 mods such as Tactical Ops.

If you're a Mac user and play UT-based games, it's worth taking a look.

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